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    So I have been taking dogs on my days off lately because I'm saving up for APF. This evening I took a new GSD at 5 p.m. The mom of the dog made the appointment she said the dog had very bad allergies and his odor was to much so they needed him bathed asap. It is to cold for them to bathe him themselves right now. She asked if they would be able to watch him and I said you cannot stay in the van, but you can pull up and wait in front of the van. So 5 comes around and dad shows up with the dog. My mom was 15 minutes late with the van so I had to sit out in the cold and bs with the dogs dad. Well I mostly listened to his stories about the dogs skin conditions and all the vets they have been to. He did creep me out a bit for some reason, but did not seem to be bothered by the wait at all. The van arrives at 5:15 I take dog and lead him into the van. Dad asks if he can stay in the van. I say for insurance reasons I need him to wait outside. He seemed fine and walked back to his car. About a minute or so later after I looked over the dog over I put him in the tub. He was calm and well behaved.

    Just as I go to start wetting him down his dad knocks on the door very loudly. I turn and open the window thinking he forgot to tell me something and all of the sudden this man looked very flustered and mad. He said He cannot see his dog AT ALL and that I need to stop whatever I'm doing IMMEDIATELY. He was so angry first words out of my mouth were "Okay sir what ever you would like me to do" I felt like I had to keep reassuring him I was stopping. I open the door and let him in within seconds. He was spitting red and exclaimed his love for the dog. "I love this dog more than my wife and I know she would hate to hear me say that but it's true!!" I just kept saying "I understand, I understand." I said I did inform your wife when she made the appointment that you could not stay in the van." BIG mistake I should have just kept my mouth shut. He whipped out his phone and closed up his fist around it white knuckle tight. He looked at me like I was flat out lying and said "Do you want to call her!?!? huh huh!?!? Oh never mind!!" I immediately went in to submissive mode because I know when a man is capable of causing physical harm, I know that look. "I apologize sir, this is my fault, I misunderstood." He stared into my eyes pointed his finger at my face "Damn right it's your fault!" He was so close to swinging at me I felt it in my bones eyes even squinted and forearm raised in preparation.He ripped the leash out of my hand and stormed out of the van.

    Now I'm a tough chick and do not get shaken up very easily. I was shaking like a leaf in autumn felt like I had no idea what just happened. Reason was no where to be found. Was it ever there to begin with? So angry angry. Black eyes, clinched teeth ... was anyone home? Man or Monster? What is happening in the world!? So much hate so much crime. I cannot even watch the news anymore. Mothers and fathers killing their babies. Children killing children. Rape Hate crimes Sickness and War. Was I almost a statistic.. who is 'the statistic' after all?

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    I'm pretty sure menacing is a form of assault. How far do you want to take it?
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      what on earth is wrong with people. I'm sorry you were put in this situation!


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        Criminy sakes, Lex! What a whacko! Can you imagine being married to a piece of work like that?

        PM me your address and I'll send you my bear spray. I don't really have much use for it now!
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          I am so sorry you ran into this nutjob, thankful you got out o.k. Wonder what the wife lives with? Seems like it is the nuts that get the best dogs, nerves could very well be what is wrong with the dogs skin. You need to carry a taser or something ,all moblers do,you take greater chances going to homes than shop people in centers.
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            wow!!!! crazy. I am glad you got out of it safe. I am assuming you didnt groom the dog but how did you get out of it without making him even madder? Make a note of who he is and don't ever take him again! (like I had to tell you that right? but you might forget who he is if the wife calls again)


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              I just had another thought. Maybe you should file a report with the police. Not for the police to do anything about it, but just to have it on record if this man ever does assault someone in the future or... if his wife happens to ...disappear.


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                Oh my god!

                I could not even imagine being in your shoes. This man was freakin out there in some other universe..Did he take the dog and leave or did he leave and let you finish..I'm assuming he took the dog because I don't know if I could;ve continued working after that ordeal. Thank god your okay and just think my biggest fear is getting bit from time to time!

                There is some crazy @hit going on in the world! Hope you recover quickly!


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                  Wow. That is sure is a scary situation you were put into. It seems like you handled the situation very well.
                  don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.


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                    I'm with Jadenlea, this dude is scary. Do you think he was on some type of drugs or just a psycho bully who likes to intimidate women? I'd file a police report on the incident just to be safe and put this address and owner on the permanent NEVER GROOM AGAIN list!


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                      If you sprayed him.....assuming you would be able to reach for something; he wouldn't be able to see. Then he'd be even more angry. It is a scarey world and mobiles are at risk. I don't groom after dark, but even day light that nut case would be the same problem. I think I'd let the police know about him. I refuse to let anyone in my van to stay. Today I had the brother (an old man) of my 86yr old lady stick his face up to my window right across from Fritz and me. I deliberately tried to block his view with my back. He stayed almost the entire time. My windows are tinted, but you can see very well from the dogs' side. I think it wasn't as easy with uncle whats' his name lookin' at Fritz. But he was visiting and won't be around next time.

                      Ever notice how people always bump their heads when climbing into the rig? I don't invite them in, they just think they should carry the dog in or come in to look. ok, look, but leave.


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                        How totally weird. Almost sounds like he and the wife had some sort of altercation regarding getting the dog groomed and he took it out on you once he arrived and discovered she lied to him, or who knows, weird, weird, weird. Glad you are ok.


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                          You were assaulted by every legal definition. If he hit you battery would have been added to his offenses.

                          By all means, report this guy. If I take flack from some of you for my position, too bad. NO ONE should have to take that **** from ANYONE. PERIOD.
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                            Crack? or Crackpot?

                            Had one like that many moons ago at the kennel.....did the groom the wife wanted, hubby picked dog up at 5:00, w/ office full of customers. Wigged out. I mean seriously took leave of his senses.....even the typically abnormal clients were backing away from him. He was out of control over the dog's groom. (???????...I mean it was a Cock-a-Poo for cryin out loud!)
                            At first we were all in shock, thinking he was kidding, but the second the reality hit he was for real....I grabbed the phone and told everyone to stay calm...I was calling the police.
                            He just grabbed the dogs leash and ran out the door. Good 'nuff for me.

                            I later heard from his (ex) wife...the coke he had with lunch wasn't the kind you get in a can. freaky, freaky, freaky...just say NO to drugs!

                            In the future Lex, if you run across something like the cops. At the very least...that might shock the freak into making a quick exit. You can deal w/ identification later.
                            When you get the "fright or flight" feeling....911 all the way Baby!

                            Glad you are OK, sorry for the scare!
                            Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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                              Report the guy to the police. He has a screw loose somewhere and the authorities need to be apprised of that fact.