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Do you have a toy fox terrier?

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  • Do you have a toy fox terrier?

    I tried doing a search and the search would not work for Toy Fox Terrier. I am looking into the breed, I have raised JRT's before and we have 2 chinese Crested Powder puffs right now. We would consider getting a female. Do they live ok with submissive females? Are they are feisty as JRT's? We want a dog that will get along with others. If we put her in Doggy day care, would she grow up friendly with other dogs? what eles can you tell me? thanks in advance. Colleen

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    Mine "Dice" is a nervous wreck. He is wonderful with other dogs, and us. Out of the house, with loud noises, and strangers he is very scared, and nervous. We have socialized him, and taken him places. I used to take him to work everyday, until I stopped because I could see he wasn't going to get over it, and didn't want to traumatize him. At home he has all the confidence in the world, even in our back yard things don't bother him, only when he goes out. I sent him to live with my aunt (down the street, and my kids are there everyday she watches them while we work) because my oldest daughter is starting to have friends over, and that was scaring him, any difference in his routine it is like his little world has ended.

    I will say I can't completely say it is the breed because I got him when he was 1.5 yrs old. I got him from a family I groomed 2 shih tzu's for, and their reason for placing him was because he "was no fun, and scared all the time" maybe they messed him up this bad. If that is the case they really screwed him up, or did something horrible to him, I have had him 4yrs and nothing we do helps him, I guess it is more a lack of confidence than nervousness. He has never tried to bite, I think he is too afraid. At home he plays, snuggles, and does fine with other dogs. When we had him he was with my Lhasa, and L-C Chi, now he lives with 3 L-C Chi's at my aunt's

    Hope this helps. We do love him, and all his querks, when he is at home he is a happy, normal very fun little dog.
    I would PM excelsiortfts here on the board I am pretty sure she shows them.
    If you sweat the small stuff, all you have is small soggy stuff.....


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      If you google toy fox terrier it brings up loads


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        I would suggest contacting Kasey Mando of Ultra Quest in CA. She used to breed JRT's/Parsons as well. She might give you an idea of what to expect. I have also been interested in the breed. Good luck!


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          I have two...

          a finished female and a boy who was a show dog until he was diagnosed with luxating pattellas. Overall the girl is very mellow, very non-terrier like. The boy is the exact opposite and going all the time, he also has anxiety issues when out in public but with obedience training he graduallly calmed down. He is also much more terrier and tends to lean towards dominate aggressive, and constantly has to be reinforced that he is not in charge.

          I love them both to bits, and will continue to have TFTs. Though I am going to have to add someone that needs hair cut at some point.

          Socialization is key at a young age, the girl I had since 8 weeks but the boy I bought when he was already 4 months.
          Check out the ATFTC website but also do google searches as there are some many excellent UKC breeders as well


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            i use to raise tft for about 20 years. they are great dogs if they are handled the correct way. i would bring the pups to the shop from the time they were weaned so they could see it all and hear it all. they are TERRIERS at heart, but nothing at all like a jrt. i would screen new owners before they could even buy one, if it was an owner that "baby-talked" and treated them like a pansy i owuld not sell to them, also would not sell to families with very young children. they are a small bobed dog,therefore can be fragile. all my puppies were treated/talked to like they were 100lbs dogs so they never had the cowardly/chicken/snippy attitudes. i LOVE this breed to death, they do SHED A LOT. i never had any problem with them getting along with other dogs. i feel that for this breed the first 2-3 months of thier lifes will make them or break them. if you can get one from a reliable breeder be sure to visit the parents too if you can. enjoy your new tft


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              What you get depends on the dog you pick. They can vary a great deal.

              I have a Toy Fox boy I got from a shelter. He is very smart, calm, sensible, quiet and spends the bulk of his time curled up under a blanket on the couch, sleeping. When I got him it was obvious he was house-broken to death and is horrified if he even lets out a f*rt in the house. He gets along just fine with my other dogs.

              I have met some TFTs that are almost MinPin-ish in temperment. So, you just have to check out any dog you are considering. Caveat emptor and that sort of thing.


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                Thanks everyone. i appreciate the feedback. i would get one from a breeder b/c i do think early socialization is key with some breeds. Even if i got an older pup from a breeder, chances are he's pretty social. I don't coddle my dogs, especially not the toy breeds, you can turn them into anxious dogs if you coddle them too much. So no worries there. I'm not ready yet, but i wanted to research the breed as much as possible, and if you google you only hear the good things, i wanted to ask people who actually have owned them and can tell me good or bad. I appreciate it. Anyone else with feedback- i'd love to hear it.