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  • What Would You Do? (shelter dog)

    Ok, so the last thing I need is another dog. I live in a condo, and have four already (pretty sure the limit is 2 lol). However, I peruse the local shelter's website from time to time, just out of curiousity (and to see if I recognize anyone!). Several months ago, I ended up adopting a little chihuahua mix that was literally stamped for euthanasia the day I went to get her. She was listed as a fearful 6 year old, and she broke my heart when I went to see her. All the other dogs ran to the fence to say hi, she curled in the far back corner shivering. Thin as a rail, and urine scalded. No wonder no one wanted to adopt her. So, against my better judgement I adopted her, took her home, washed her, fattened her up, and found the BEST home EVER for her. Very fulfilling.

    Anyhow, back to the present. Here I am again, looking at the website, and I am in the same situation again it seems. There is an appx 4 year old dachshund there, and it looks like he is in pretty sorry shape. Not typical adoption material. He's been there since last week, all the other small dogs have had adoption applications put on them, but not this guy. I think its due to the fact that he's BALD. Like, no hair. From the photo it looks like probably demodex, but hard to be sure. I've checked every day, no one has put in an application for him. I know what that means... and its so sad. I rescued a dog years ago when I worked at the vet with demodex, it was easily treated. Now I am thinking about going down to the shelter today to see this guy. I know I can't keep him myself, but thinking about getting him to a vet, getting him back in shape, and then finding another home for him. I am such a sucker for a dachshund... what would you all do???

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    If you have the means, time, and connections, I'd do it

    What a HUGE heart you have!


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      I understand how it goes. I'm a sucker for poodles, and when I see one at a kill shelter, it usually involves me begging hubby - he says no though lol we have 3 dogs and 3 cats and can't afford anymore right now. So I try to contact poodle rescues and friends in rescues to see if anyone can take them in and if they are short on foster homes, I'll offer to foster too. I just hate seeing poodles in shelters looking all dingy and nasty. Luckily though, I don't see very many poodles in shelters. Most are already in a rescue being fostered.


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        Do it!

        If you are in the position to be able to adopt a dog, bring it back to health and then find it a good home, then you are doing a very good thing! I'd do it! My problem is that I go to the pound, find a dog, fatten it up and by the time he is healthy, he is part of the family. I have 8 dogs. I have found homes for several that I have found on the road and brought back to health. Their owners dumped them. I cannot bring myself to take them to animal control so I find local rescues or people who want them.

        I have several older dogs and when my numbers dwindle, I want to be able to do what you are doing. Adopt a dog, get her healthy and find her a home. Each and every dog you save is something.

        Every little bit helps. But don't bite off more than you can chew!
        I applaud you!


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          I'm not trying to be the Doom-n-Gloomer here...and certainly my heart would pull me in the direction of the dog....
          But do remember, particularly if you are thinking of bringing the dog home and getting attached to him...that not all demodex is "cure-able". Sometimes it can be an indicator of a serious underlying health condition that may not have a simple resolution...or, any resolution at all, short of euthanasia.
          So I say think it through, and after you combine your heart tugs w/ practicality and reality,....I'm sure you will come to the right decision! Lucky lil dog, that he is even in your thoughts. Good luck.
          Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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            If you don't and they kill him, that dog will routinely wake you up at 3am and haunt you.

            I'm sure you know that already.


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              Originally posted by Doubledogdare View Post
              If you don't and they kill him, that dog will routinely wake you up at 3am and haunt you.
              ...and I thought I was Doom-n-Gloom, lol!
              Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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                That is a scary

                situation. I think it's wonderful what you wish to do. I do agree that you could check with any Dachshund rescue even not so close to see if they could foster the dog.

                Scary to me for I've done lots of fostering of my two breeds, working with national rescue groups. That helps a lot to have their support and web sites. But one time I took in a Brittany that was not able to connect with people. He was big and wild and no ability to listen. He bowled people over and would not be trained. The word No was garblygook in his mind. He injured all of my dogs and me. I was so afraid that I'd never place him and truthfully I didn't want him. After many months a couple with no children but a lively young Golden Retriever tried him out. He so loved the G R and they ran and swam all day so the people liked him for that. Thank God they kept him.

                I learned that when you do rescue and you take in an unplaceable dog you got troubles. Especially if you have over the limit of dogs already.

                So to me when all else fails I ask God what to do. I hope however you get the right answer.
                Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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                  Originally posted by 4Sibes View Post
                  ...and I thought I was Doom-n-Gloom, lol!
                  Man that was a funny doom and gloom


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                    Are you talking about legally adopting the dog and then turning around and rehoming him? Or agreeing to vet him and foster him and help the shelter find him a home? I just want you to be careful- remember that awful story a few years ago that a lady lost her dog because the person that gave it to the family had adopted it and was legally under contract to return it to the shelter?
                    It is a hard call, esp as doxies are a different breed when it comes to their attitudes. You never know what a rescue might do.


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                      Contact Florida Dachshund Rescue


                      Happy Doxie Days

                      Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC



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                        Originally posted by WinterElixir View Post
                        getting him back in shape, and then finding another home for him. I am such a sucker for a dachshund... what would you all do???

                        Adopt him. That's why I have my Lefty...born with cleft palate, and Renton, and Lili. That's also why I stay far, far away from the animal shelters in my area. I have a soft heart, and absolutely no self control.


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                          I'm a sucker for Dachshunds. I'd probably have to step in, call one of the Dachshund rescues, and offer to foster him until he's healthy. Dachshund Rescue of North America does a great job, as well as the local groups.

                          With this being a Dachshund, he may be bald because he has a bad thyroid or he has Cushing's. Both are pretty common in Doxies.