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    I have a serious issue with the lack of "animal knowledge" these officers seems to have.. we had a recent incident with one .

    I was told my dog cannot be outside without shelter.. the two big dogs ( 40lb shep mix and a pyr) go out for a few hours at a time.. we live in town, small lot, no yard. they go on a runner under a tree.. we were told they need shelter.. Um they live in the house with us. the house is their shelter.. I was especially annoyed with the fact that he said my Great Pyrenees shouldn't be left out! OMG this dog loves the cold! He has no clue about the breed, if he did he would know that.. This dog sleeps on the floor next to me at night and spends half her day on the couch.. but guess what.. we were charged with animal cruelty for not having a dog house when they are outside for a few hours each day ..

    I am sharing this because a charge like this could be very damaging for my business.. I have legal advise.. just wanted to vent to colleagues

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    While I certainly would have attempted to enlighten them...I will also say this.
    I have Sibes, so of course they not only love this (10 to 30 degree) weather....but they thrive in it.

    My guys would stay out all night, curled up in balls, tails over their noses, in the wide open in their mountain of straw if I permitted that.

    Still, that being said...I have 3 big Igloo dog houses and a calf hut on the 1/2 acre for them.
    Granted, they NEVER use them...unless they are playing hide and seek...but they are there if for any reason they were inclined to want shelter.

    I think you have to realize that it is the Officer's job to enforce/uphold the law, and by requiring you to have shelter...that's what they are doing. That law is most certainly in writing somewhere, so I understand their angle.
    I prolly would have taken the path of least resistance and put an Igloo out there...I mean, what's the harm in providing shelter...even if it's only decorative?

    Definitely would not have spent any money on legal advice or let it get to the point that I found myself charged w/ cruelty, for such an easy fix. JMHO, but I pick and choose my battles, particularly if it is going to have any sort of impact on my name or business.
    Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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      Keep in mind, they are probably responding to someone else's complaint. It's not like animal control goes around scoping the neighborhood, and even if they did I'm sure a court appearance will straighten out the situation.Take pictures with you of them sleeping on the couch and in the bed, it'll help. I know it sucks, I dealt with animal control for my old dog who was at large, he thought he was the neighborhood welcoming committee! How cold could it possibly get in Kentucky?


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        There is probably an ordinance requiring a shelter for all animals left outside for a period of time. You may argue about it over your Pyr, but if they cut you slack, what about the dirtbag down the street who ties his Poodle outside in the same fashion?

        If it goes for one, it goes for all.

        I think you have now found out that it does not pay to argue with city hall. Putting up a simple shelter would have spared you a lot of trouble.


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          I'm sorry your having to go through the charges ,But I have to agree with the laws on this one .The weather is to unpredictable to just leave dogs unattended for hours without any means to escape it even if is just a couple hours .Yes I know some dogs may love the snow but it still can be dangerous for them.As groomers and vet techs we see the end results of what many pet owners feel is ok for their pets to endure and we shutter at many of their ideas.Remember animal control sees more than we ever do,they have to contend with dogs after the damage has been done.Although you may not agree, they are just looking out for the well being of your dogs.its not expensive nor difficult to build a dog house if you want to leave the dogs outside for a while .


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            I think if you don't have a fenced-in yard then your dogs shouldn't be outside without supervision whether there is shelter or not. I see it too often that pets escape from their yards, and other people, like me who likes to walk or run her dogs, have to deal with them. Every dog owner should have a fenced-in yard, and if you leave your dogs outside for a couple of hours then yes, you have to provide shelter for them!


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              I have no problem putting out the dog house or whatever, if thats the law. I had no idea it was a law.. I even went to the website to read statues and its not listed as far as I could find..( 2hrs online reading) He ( the officer) came here once, wrote us up that day and now we have a court date.. no warning, no hey did you know.. straight up court date..


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                Take some pictures of your dogs snoosing on the couch and beds and tell them that you don't have the dog house because your dogs are house dogs and go outside only to potty.
                don't know if it will convince the judge but I would at least try.


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                  I think if you show up in court with photos of the dog houses I am sure you are putting out there this week, there shouldn't be any more problems as you have demonstrated you are now in compliance, and that you didn't know that shelter was required for house dogs tethered outside for short periods of time.


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                    Re-read your local animal ordinances before you go to court so you know exactly what they say, and be sure to take a copy with you. If you were indeed in violation, correct it by putting a dog house out there and bring proof that you have corrected the issue. Do take proof that your dogs actually live indoors. It would not hurt to have a letter from your vet demonstrating quality care. Make sure that tethering is actually allowed in your area.


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                      Sounds very frustrating. Dont think I would want to live in KY. If you can not find the law or code or whatever, call AC and have them point it out to you. If they can not, then it may not actually be on the books and that makes it a whole new ball game. Sheesh, where I live, even the salon owner who has killed several dogs by leaving them in heated dryers with no water, or broken bones on several dogs is not charged with animal cruelty for that.