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    Hello all,

    Havent been on for a while. Im wondering if anyone else feels like I do. I really liked the old fruity formula and now they have gone and made a scent change (too strong) and it seems to not rinse as easy.

    What do you think?


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    I don't know about the scent, because I still have half a gallon I'm slowly working my way through. But it never did rinse out all that well, unless you used a couple of little tricks. And even then it took a while.

    The only reason I put up with it was I liked how well it conditioned really damaged coats. Lately I'v used Groomer's Edge Solution more than ReFurbish. One thing I really like about Solution is that you can dilute it and use it as a leave-in spray, which makes the rinsability a moot point.


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      I only bought refurbish once. I hated it. So thick and hard to mix and rinse.

      Heli, I also like "The Solution" the stuff is a miracle on my 2 polish sheepdogs who come every 4 weeks but still come in totally matted each time. grrr. My bather calls it "the miracle stuff" hehe


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        I bought a gallon and have used about a cup. Kinda stinky I think and after I used it my clients complained. Nope donalikeit. Any one wana buy a gal cheap?