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Too much shampoo??

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  • Too much shampoo??

    This question may seem strange but, can you use too much shampoo on a dog? What I mean is... I like to get the dogs really clean, I make sure that they are very wet first and then use alot of diluted shampoo (I use Bio-Groom - Econo Groom 1/10 dilution) all over the dog... I espescially like to make sure their feet, groin and faces are very sudsy and clean. I have NEVER in 4 yrs. had a dog have a bad reaction to the product I use...and it doesn't seem to bother their eyes at all. Just wondering if any of you have experienced any problems by using too much shampoo on a dogs face or it getting in their eyes?

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    In all the many years i have worked i have never had a problem. Since i groom in peoples homes i never know what type of water i am using so i tend to not dilute as much as the product as labeled. Many times if i have a groom with an allergy ridden dog who gets drops for the eyes, i tell the owner to put drops in after i leave.
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      I don't think you can use too much unless it is a Medicated shampoo. Also do you use it all at once or over 2 shampoo's (wash, rinse and repeat)?


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        I think the only time you might have a problem would be with flea shampoo, and mixing it too strong. It's not too much shampoo, but too much of the flea killing chemical. Other than that, no I don't think you can use too much shampoo.

        Keep in mind, too, that the dilution ratio doesn't take into account your local water supply and how hard it might be. Hard water means you need more shampoo to water than if your water is soft.

        As far as eyes go, even tearless shampoo can cause irritation and corneal burns on sensitive animals. This is especially true of dogs with keratoconjunctivitis sica (dry eye). Their eyes don't produce enough tears to lubricate and protect the eyes, or to wash away irritants. You might not always know if a dog has dry eyes or not, so to be safe, use protective eye drops on all dogs before you bathe them.


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          Thanks for the input guys!