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Ann Martin in NC?

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  • Ann Martin in NC?

    I know this probably should go in the seminars section, but that doesn't get the attention that general does, but if admin decides to move it I'll understand....

    Here goes.

    I've asked some of the NC groomers about having a seminar here in NC and I've recently had the opportunity to possibly get Ann Martin to do something here.

    My question for you all would be, who would want to attend if we were able to get it scheduled and what would you want her to cover?

    Just a little info on Ann for those that don't recognize the name.

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    Sounds good

    I would attend. She sounds like she could teach us a thing or two! I think anything she covered would be great for me so i am interested.


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      I would be interested in attending and any subject would be fine with me, since I am a newbie, have lots to learn.


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        Ann is Great!

        You guys would love her! She is very knowledgable and has a great sense of humor!


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          Count me in....

          I absolutely would!!
          I wanted to attend her upcoming seminar weekend in Alexandria... but, it was too late to make the arrangements to travel...
          It looks like it will be very informative...

          The closer the better!
          Please keep us updated...


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            She has a Semi coming up now. I think the 19th in Va? ..don't quote me on it, buut I know that's close It's on poodles.


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              Count me in!

              I'm in! I will be up for learning just about anything! :-) I would love to learn how to become better at poodle top knots as well. :-) But, I will do just about anything! Do we know how much this would cost, or what general location? Thanks again!


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                Thanks Y'all

                I'll keep everyone posted on any details, but for now it's just a possibility that I wanted to explore (she's willing if we want her).


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                  I think it would be awesome. I would love a poodle class but any subject would be great.


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                    I would come!!


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                      I am in Georgia but I would be interested.


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                        OMGosh, it's so great that everyone wants to come!!!

                        I've GOT to call Ann Martin this week to see about cost, etc. I'll post as soon as I know something concrete.

                        Dawn, we'd love to have you


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                          I don't know Ms. Martin, I must have retired from the show ring when she started breeding & showing her st's.

                          I did visit her web page and can tell you I was really blown away looking at her dogs. Especially the pics of the white puppies stacked on the table. The most beautiful conformation and absolutely the best perfect tailsets. I mean the BEST and correct. So many poodles are not correct in structure and tailsets are a problem. I'm not talking how a dog carries it's tail, but how the tail is set on the spine. So many are low set, but Ms. Martin's dogs are great in that department.

                          If I was up to competing in conformation or grooming comps i would proably go to her for a puppy.

                          Quite impressed, can't you tell?


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                            Her dogs are beautiful huh? I'd love to have one of her pups Perhaps one day.