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  • Ichy Eyes Black Standard

    Long story assosciated with this dog, but just wanted to know if anyone seen hair loss right around corner of eye at tear ducts? He's black and all the sudden the corner of his eyes seem to be losing hair? It's like blading?
    Going to vet on Monday for it, but just curious if anyone knows (besides the allergy thing)what may cause this? It is new. Like the last few weeks? Just the corners of his eyes, no hair?
    Help Anyone?

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    Not sure what is causing it from only your post,,,but I have 3 blacks that come here who have the same thing,,as well as other allergy issues. If it isn't entropion from the eyelashes rubbing the eyes, it could be plenty of other things,,,but hair loss around the eye sure isn't normal.
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      Could be mange

      Demodectic mange starts around the eyes, doesn't it? And it can be caused by the immune system taking a "hit", like a dog with allergies getting a few steroid shots. Maybe this has happened to this dog. If so, no more steroid shots - maybe Benadryl for a while, or do the actual allergy testing. If the dog itches, I would address diet a bit more closely - if the dog got steroid shots due to hot spots, I would recommend that the owners switch to Bactine on the spots and Benadryl for itching while they try a diet change, etc.

      Some dogs react after getting yearly vaccines. I am not talking about feeling sick, I mean that the immune system is hit hard. I had a client's Shih Tzu react with a seborrhoeic (sp?) condition (you know, having to do with seborrhea) even when given Frontline or heartworm meds!! They took her off everything for about a year, which really seemed to help, and now use any meds very sparingly. (This was a dog that almost died after getting her puppy shots, and the vet said to never give her vaccines again.)


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        [QUOTE=Debbiedogs;379780]Demodectic mange starts around the eyes, doesn't it? And it can be caused by the immune system taking a "hit", like a dog with allergies getting a few steroid shots. QUOTE]

        Eyes? Not really. It does usually start on the head, though. At least with puppies. The only time I've seen it in the corners of the eyes is when the dog has generalized demodex, and the whole head is involved.

        But demodecosis is usually a disorder of puppies or very elderly dogs. It would be rare in an otherwise healthy adult dog, unless the immune system were severely challenged. As a general rule allergy treatments or vaccinations wouldn't be enough to cause a case of demodecosis. It would be more likely if the dog had a thyroid issue or were being treated for something like lupus.

        Allergies are probably the most likely cause of hairloss around the eyes, but diabetes theyroid disease, Cushing's and Addison's should be ruled out first.