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Didn't Fluff the Poodle Right

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  • Didn't Fluff the Poodle Right

    Some one made a comment when I said the customer had told me her poodle wasn't fluffed very well. I explained I was new and one of you out there told me to get Jodi Murphy's video "Before The Groom - Straight From the Tub". It came today and I watched it.

    Wow, awesome video and I learned EXACTLY what I had done wrong. There were so many things on so many levels. The nozzle size, how I was blowing ---technique, distance from coat and on and on.

    Anyway, thanks for pointing me in the right direction and Thank You Jodi Murphy videos. They are great -- the best ones I own.


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    You simply can never go wrong with Jody's video's. I have many and I still rewatch and learn something that I just forgot about. Love her videos.
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