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Come on Thursday.... Come on Thursday

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  • Come on Thursday.... Come on Thursday

    Can't get here fast enough in Florida. Today it started to warm a tad, then it turns wet and colder. Just haven't gotten a break. Thurs calls for 70 and sunny, and PHONES A RINGIN' AGAIN!!!!!

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    We're getting back up to the 40's maybe 50's, YEA ! Normal brings out the doggies.
    ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~


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      tell me about it!!!!

      my thin florida blood can't take it any more.... then you add a chance of snow for tonight... WHAT??? geesh....

      my wallet is looking thin too, so i double that... come on thursday!


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        Hate to be a poo poo but after the LONNNNNNNNGGGGGGAAASSS SSUUMMER we had, I personally LIKE the break in whether! Maybe some of tick and flea Shi_t we have here All season will Die die die.
        It was 80 to 90 degrees well into Nov and Dec. this year! GEESh macaronni salad, so what cold a little or a lot? What ya talkin, at most, 1 maybe 2 or yee gads 3 weeks?
        The heat was well beyond normal this year, now cold, oh the ha ha well! LOVIN IT!
        Sorry, not meaning to poop on anyones parade, but I live in south florida and I like a change in weather, and I did'nt forget sweatin into our normal cold season this year. So the cold came back with a vengence. What ya gonna do? Me, HAPPY DANCE, HAPPY DANCE... NOT SWEATING FOR A CHANGE! Whoops florida heat trader!


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          Geesh, and I was getting excited about it getting above 30 on Thursday in WV. I just don't like the mud that comes after all the snow melts.