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    Recently I've had an influx of incontinent dogs (not just the average cocker) come my way. Yesterday I had a cocker spaniel (I didn't say there weren't any) that had back surgery and had lost bladder function, a few older dogs as well with age related issues and a wheaten born with a birth defect that requires it wear diapers. Yes all of these dogs are kind of an unpleasant challenge but all of them have been super sweet and owners very agreeable as well. I know a few of them have been turned down at other shops (I'm mobile) because of their constant bladder issues. I didn't know if that was a common rule or maybe I'm just a urine magnet. At least with two kids I've had practice with diapers so the wheaten is in good hands. (she's actually become one of my best clients and my little angel)

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    you should change the name of your business to puppy piddles mobile grooming lol


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      These things seem to go in cycles,soo hopefully you won't become puppypiddles grooming! lol
      ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~