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  • Have a dilemma please help!

    What would you do if someone left an American Eskimo dog tied to your shop door for when you came in to work ( Abandoned ). You then took the dog to get scanned for a microchip, there was none, then you took her back and started to care for her, posted signs ( To no avail ), checked for signs (To no avail ), checked the shelter for missing dogs, then gave up and started to try and find her a good home because you have too many dogs already. Then out of no where you find out she only trusts you now and will bite everyone else, the nearest rescue is too far away and tells you you have to bring them to California when you live in Texas. Well thats my dilemma. And i don't have any money to take her to the vet and have just recently found out that she has a bladder infection. She is really sweet once she gets to know you and most people wouldn't give her the chance and the shelter will just put her to sleep after the first sign of aggression. Does anyone have any ideas?

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    The first thing I would have done would be to call the police and report an abandonment case.


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      You certainly have a lot of problems with people leaving their pets on you.

      I guess if you can't keep her and can't find a rescue to take her, you'll have to surrender her to animal control and if she's aggressive, then she probably won't stand a chance to get adopted.


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        Talk to your local vets explain the situation to them, maybe one of them will be nice enough to help this dog on a low budget payment plan and possibly help placing him in a desirable home.


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          Have you talked to your vet about getting an antibiotic for her on a discount since she is an abandoned animal that you took in? I know of vets (locally) that will give discounts or sometimes even free services for rescues to their clients that are in a bad situation and trying to do right by an abandoned animal... You could also then talk to your vet about how is the best way to re-home this dog. Maybe they have some suggestions or know of some local groups that may could help you.

          Poor thing, no telling how she has been treated prior to being tied to your door.... obviously with not a lot of care or compassion or her owner would not have left her just tied to your door and "assume" that you would care for her.


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            I think regardless of how you got her, if she is a biter, you either keep her and accept the responsibility and liability, or you put her down. If you cannot afford the dog, put her down. The liability behind placing a dog that is a known biter is astronomical.


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              Some of you are missing the point
              I know she is a biter but only until she gets to know you. I'm not saying that someone should let the dog bite them until she gets used to them but i avoided the bites and she came around to me. I just held the leash away from me and softly patted her back and let her keep snapping until she calmed down. I know there are some in this world willing to do that but i don't have time to search for them thats why i thought some of you would know. She is so super sweet once she gets to know you. I cannot paint her picture as a bad biter, she's just scared.


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                You AVOIDED THE BITES? Geesh.....YOU are the one that doesn;t understand, This dog is dangerous. YOU keep her or you euthanize. OTherwise, when she bites someone they sue you, and since you knew in advance, you can lose everything.

                You are fairly new to dogs from what I have read. I do not remember what training you had in handling and training. Don't think I ever heard you say. Many of us have lifetimes involved in training and grooming and breeding...I go back over 25 years in obedience and breeding. I would NEVER place a dog that bites with anyone EVER. I have a resuce from my Dad's after he died, that no one can touch but US. It took 3 months to get to that point. I would not ever be able to palce her anywhere because of it. She is sweet, like this dog, once you know her, but until then she is dangerous. My fault I kept her so long. I should have euthanized her 2 years ago, but I didn't and am caring for her fully.

                When someone abandons a dog, call animal control. TELL THEM you have a stray and you need it picked up. It is not your job to save the world. My mantra is just that. I cannot save the world, I can only help the ones I have......I am getting really good at living that, not just saying it.
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                  Originally posted by Paw-fectionist View Post
                  I cannot paint her picture as a bad biter, she's just scared.
                  There's no such thing as a good biter. ( I am not overlooking [b][u]properly[/u] trained[/b] protection dogs and working K9s. Very few of those dogs are "biters".)

                  If you're assuming responsibility for the dog's care, you are assuming liability for her actions. If you take her to your shop and she bites a client's child who runs over to pat the pretty fluffy dog while you are bust with their dog, you may also be placing your business in a position of liability.

                  Personally I will not place a biter. I either keep them or euthanize.

                  I hope it all works out for both of you. Doing what's truly best for the animal is not always the easy choice.


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                    Parti is right..

                    And even keeping a known biter is a liability. You can't do any fun things with a dog like that, no walks in the park, no doggie events, no trips to the pet store (with a muzzle you could).

                    Depends on the situation and the dog if I'd call animal control. A nice, social dog? I'd probably work to get it placed with rescue. A biter? Well, it couldn't stay at my place, that's for sure.
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                      Amer. Eskimo's are not the most stable dogs in the first place! Every one I've ever worked with has been a fruit loop and one got me good trying to take a muzzle off when I was taking him to the kennel for boarding. Owner had to muzzle him and I had to take if off when we got back there. BAD move on my part! I should have insisted the owner take him back.

                      Seriously, you said "Then out of no where you find out she only trusts you now and will bite everyone else,..." which would lead one to believe that she showed NO signs of mistrust or aggression until AFTER you had had her for a period of time.

                      If you don't have the money to care for her properly and you can't place her with a responsible rescue, then you really only have one other choice. You can't afford to place her with someone without fear of being held personally responsible if she seriously hurt someone. Also, if you can't afford a vet, how do you know she has a bladder infection?

                      Honestly, you have some of the weirdest situations happen to you when it comes to how dogs seem to appear in your life. What ever became of that standard poodle that ran off at the dog park a few days after you took it from someone on CL ?


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                        Originally posted by neanea View Post
                        You certainly have a lot of problems with people leaving their pets on you.

                        I guess if you can't keep her and can't find a rescue to take her, you'll have to surrender her to animal control and if she's aggressive, then she probably won't stand a chance to get adopted.

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                          I would never take in someone elses reject tied to my door I would call animal conttrol and let them handle an illeagle abandonment case, word gets out that you are either an easy touch or a hard case, breaks my heart to do it but I can only take care of so much, you must know your limits in this business or become a hoarder, happens all the time. Someone starts out to help one poor pet and people start dumping animals over fences, tying them to doors and sudddenly the person is arrested booked and is in serious hock with the law, happened here about 4 times last year. Sorry you found yourself in this one, put it down and realize one person can not rescue all that comes down the pike, you tried all you can do.
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                            My last, and I MEAN LAST NOW! Adoption case senerio (12\2009) ten years ago I told a lady in her "80's" I'd take her anti-social, no teeth, scared as **** chi chi, if she died or anything happened to her. She begged me and looked so frail and sad, I could not say no. (my life at that time-only one dog and one cat) Fast forward ten years, I have 3 dogs and 2 cats, none purchased but abonded or adopted for various reasons. In addition, this sweet old lady was gifted a chi chi puppy 4 years ago so now she has 2 chi chi's. NO problemo. (I guess I'm thinkin she'll live forever,and still could never tell Aunt Bee, NO!) Well this December she was put in a home (lots of issues, and I knew of her growing dementia, but she now has ovarian cancer) long story short I took the chi chis.
                            What am I going to do? I have a moral responsiblitiy here, but, and here comes the big BUT, her family litterally dumped them on me. She did have a family and knew they would'nt take care of the little things? How sick is that!
                            Sure enough they ended up with me. Pictures of them posted.
                            Really long story short, My DH says you have 1 month or they go to the No Kill Shelter, I can afford to care, I can afford to feed, but with 5 animals and a hubby out a work I can't afford future vet bills.
                            Put through the grape vine from my shop and in 2 weeks found them a home together. I was afraid I'd have to split up and at least find the young one a home.
                            I guess what I'm saying here is there are so many need homes, and yes, I"m with particentral, your new (I'm old hand and look what happened to me) you really have to draw a line. Sorry so long, have really strong feelings on this as all things dogs!
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                              I am sorry get mad if you want. There are too many GOOD dogs that need homes, if she is a "fear" biter than I would put her down. Even if someone takes the time to "adopt" her and "avoid the bites" until she decides to get used to them she will alway be a liability. How could you live with adopting her to someone, and than living with her bitting a kid, or visitor only to be held in quarantine, failing a tempermant test, and put down later. I feel (notice I said "I" this is my opinion, and I have every right to it) dogs like this are not happy, how would you like to live everyday in fear of people so bad you bit them. And who do you know willing to take it on, besides youself? Keep her or have her PTS American Eskimos are known to be like this even properly socialized, and (again IMPO) a poorly bred, poorly socialized, poorly raised one is like a loaded shot gun these dogs are not for new, or uneducated owners.

                              I also have to add even though I know this is going to be taken wrong... I have been grooming for 17yrs I have never heard of a groomer have so many dogs dumped on them, or surrounthemselves with so much DRAMA
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