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another anal gland question

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  • another anal gland question

    ive been grooming this little shi for about 7 months now,shes a pretty good client,shes one of those bit**y,nice ladies,and she talks so much about the last groomer,not nice things,i dont like that at all,well she comes in today and asks me when i do anal glands,do i do it from the inside,i said no,thats a vet procedure,i just work on the outside,and i squeeze lightly if nothing comes out i dont force it,but if it feels like theres something there i will let the owner know,she said well i think the last groomer did it from the inside,because jacks never had a problem but a few weeks ago his anal ruptured,so i was just wondering if you can do it from the inside from now on,i said no,im not a vet,i wouldnt even know how to do that if i wanted to,and if i did i would have to get paid as much as the vet gets,do any of you do it from the inside??im just wondering,and is a ruptured anal just a fluke thing,or was it my fault
    now this has nothing to do with the first part of my question,but the same woman asked to use flea shampoo on jack,,he has fleas but she doesnt know what shes going to do with her new pup,its a cavalier,because she cant use advantege,or anything like that on the dog,i asked why she said the breeder told her the dog would go into convulsians,if anything like that was used,is this true???

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    Wow, I would like to know the answer to the flea problem/using Anvantage and the Cavalier. As we are getting a Cavalier in 3 weeks and I have never read anything like that or been told anything like that.

    As far as the anal glands, we only do it on the outside---the inside is for the vet--not groomers


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      I do inside for my pets only because I asked a vet to show me how to do it. I don't even do anals on the pets I do. Should it be an automatic thing for every pet?


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        Rupturing of the anal sacs can be caused by too much pressure.

        No, we don't do internal.

        Last, I have never read about Advantage, Frontline or any of those with Cavaliers. I know that Cavaliers and Eng. Toy are more suseptible to some ailments but nothing to do with Flea med.


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          anal gland question

          I only do the glands from the outside. The ruputuring anal was probably just a coinencidence.

          I use Capstar if a dog or cat has fleas. It's a small white pill and last about 24 hrs.

          Call up the company and see what they say about the Cav and Adavantage. Don't just take the word of the breeder. the owner may of misunderstood what was said, who knows.



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            I have two cavaliers and I use frontline on them every month. That is the most ridiculous thing I have heard in a long time...unless she actually used the product on the dog or possibly its parents and they had a reaction?

            Regarding the anal glands, sometimes they just impact and rupture in a quick order. I have a dog whose glands may be fine one day and within hours rupture. Usually her secretions are very thick and grainy and do not express well or even at all via the external procedure. You can't even feel that they are full, but I know now to squeeze to the point that I would never attempt with a clients dog for fear of injury. Don't blame yourself for this one.


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              When I worked as a vet tech we saw many ruptured anal glands on dogs that rarely if ever had them expressed. If you squeezed hard enough to rupture the glands, you would probably have known it right then.

              No, I don't do internal expressions. I'm not a vet, and I feel it's a veterinary procedure. I've done them as a tech, but I also took radiographs when I worked as a chiropractic assistant. The difference being there is a doctor on site who has ordered the procedure. That makes all the difference. I wouldn't take radiographs on my own, and I don't do internal expression on my own.

              As for the Advantage/Frontline question. I wouldn't touch that with a ten foot liability policy. Let her discuss that with her vet. I've never heard that the entire breed has a sensitivity to these products, but individual animals of any breed can suffer from allergies to them. So let the vet take the heat on that one.