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Doggie Dental EMERGENCY..........please help!!!

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  • Doggie Dental EMERGENCY..........please help!!!

    My female yorkie will be 7 at the end of March. She came from a very reputable show breeder, and is well bred. Possibly this is a "Pedigreed Dogs Exposed" case, or more so I'm hoping anyone on here has seen or experienced this. A couple years ago my girl had a dental, no teeth pulled, but one canine had extreme staining, and within 2 weeks, a different tooth abcessed and had to be pulled. In July of 09, she had another cleaning by my new vet, had to have 2 teeth pulled, and the same canine didn't come clean. My vet explained that her enamel didn't develop properly, but that tooth is overall healthy. HERE'S the big problem. Sunday night she chewed on a bone for a lengthy period of time, Monday I had to take her to the vet for a loose tooth which had broken off at the gumline, this monday she has to go in for surgery as the roots didn't come out with that tooth, she will also have her teeth scaled while she is under. For the past hour, she's been chewing on a bully stick, and I just checked her teeth, and a couple front ones are loose!!!! Is this a dental problem with her?? Is it her age??? I'm afraid my poor lil princess is going to end up a toothless wonder, and am concerned that her teeth are constantly going to loosen off, and she'll be constantly going under to have work done..........has anyone seen anything like this before??? Any help, tips, ANYTHING would be greatly appreciated. My vet feels that the breed in general are just walking dental issues, and says it seems once issues come up there's issues about every 6 months thereafter..........

    Sorry so long...........I'm frustrated and concerned and just in awwww right now.

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    toy dogs, including yorkies, are very prone to dental problems. It is one reason why daily brushing is recommended along with chewing on raw bones from puppyhood to help build strong jawbones to support their teeth; many have poor skeletal structure with little jawbone to anchor their teeth. I had alovely little poodle whose poor gums and teeth I struggled with until she finished her championship at 5; a week later we pulled every tooth in her head; she was fine after that; ate dry food every day.


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      small dog issue

      I went to a vet seminar this fall and he went over dental health and said that small dogs have less bone density in their jaws so they are prone to dental issues. poor little things are at a disadvantage from the go. Hope all goes well.
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        I doubt it has anything to do with breeding other than she is small. My toy poodle, who I adopted at 10 and had already lost several teeth at her first cleaning (she was 9), had insane issues. Eventually I settled on dentals (under anesthesia) every 9-12 mos and scaling awake at the vet (I was lucky enough to find a vet who would) ever 4-6 mos. Even still she lost one tooth. It is a little dog thing and unfortunately, once one tooth goes, the rest seem to be more vulnerable. If I had not done this, she would have been the toothless wonder. Instead, I had a toy poodle with a frog type face-she was wonderful anyways


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          This could very well be a genetic issue, just as humans may have a family history with similar dental issues.As far as treatments go for this type of problem you may be able to find a specialist but chances are the cost would be outrageous and very time consuming for you as well.I would most likely refrain from giving your Yorkie hard chew items from now on to help prevent further damage to her teeth.Talk to your vet about possible supplements or special care for her soft enamel.


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            Well.. today of all days to see this post... Yes Yorkies are very VERY prone to dental issues! Briefly... Ive had several Yorkies in my lifetime. None were show dogs, actually all... rescues. My first was and English Yorkie with papers that I rescued from the store that was importing them back in the 80's... he was being very abused (long story). In the mid 90's I rescued a little female from a puppy mill... turned out to be the best therapy dog ever (IMHO) A year ago last Nov. she passed away. She was 19 and the queen of the house but she had only about 4 teeth left! We had been looking for about 6 months for a new rescue...
            Well this past Christmas Eve... I do a few very good clients, we dont even turn on the 'open' sign.. they were all done and the last owner had just left with their pet... I saw a very good customer as well as friends of ours (who by the way does Yorkie rescue) I groom all her dogs and it is not uncommon for them to stop by with a new dog to introduce it to us. I come up front, wish them Happy Holidays etc... ask who this little bundle of fur is (thinking it was a new rescue) they come over to me, and they tell me "she is yours!" I am stunned, I knew we had been waiting for a female but I didnt expect it!
            I bathed her and groomed her before we left and went to our family event for the holidays, making sure she had a comfy space at home. I knew right away she had fluxating patelas but I did not get a good look at her teeth until later... VERY BAD! well today she went in to get her teeth taken care of... I get the call she is out of surgery, in recovery.. I ask how many left? ( I know better than to ask how many out from what I saw) we have 5 left.
            Now she is only about 4-5 yrs old, from a very good breeder/bloodline but she was so neglected it was far worse than most would be. In 30+ yrs grooming, I have honestly never seen a Yorkie with "all" its teeth past 5 or 6 yrs old.


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              thank you

              aw, thanks for your replies!!!! I do take care of both my yorkies teeth, brushing, cleanings, dental chews...........this just blew me away. I know that yorkies/toy breeds are prone to dental issues, I just didn't realize that at Dixie's age her teeth would start breaking off and loosening off. I feed a raw diet,so they don't get a dry kibble to help clean teeth, hence the reason they have lots to chew on. Dixie has been chewing more the last few weeks, and I'm wondering if her teeth have been bothering her and that's why all the chewing lately.


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                It's very possible she's chewing because her teeth are bothering her. Just like dogs will chew at an arthritic joint. Or babies chew when they're teething.

                It's very true that toy dogs have a host of dental disorders. Lose teeth are not unusual, and it's also not unusual for them to loose their teeth at an early age.

                Don't worry too much about her losing all of her teeth. She'll be able to eat just fine, although you may need to prepare her food a little differently, chopping it up finer so she doesn't have to tear chunks of meat into bite size pieces. But because chewing up bones will not be possible if she has no teeth, you'll probably need to give her a calcium supplement.