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Brochure or just business cards?

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  • Brochure or just business cards?

    I have a small grooming business and I prefer to use brochures. Even though it is easier to hand out B.C's, brochures seem to hold more info on your business. I do have business cards in stock but use the brochures much more. What do you prefer for info on you business?

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    i just do business cards, but it might be good to include a business card inside your brochures so people will remember your info, or at least have it in a compact package. My fear with brochures is that you'll read it, and even though the info is there, it will get thrown away at some point.


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      I use BOTH, as they can keep the card int heir wallet or purse easier than the brochure, but the brochure can cover so much more than the card. I usually staple or paper clip a card to each brochure.
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        I loved having my brochures...I had some printed when I first opened up. But they are expensive and since I have a website and business cards, I haven't re-ordered any. At some point, I will probably get more. They are nice to have when set up at festival type things.