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  • New web site

    Heres my new web site! Nothing fancy, I just got the starter package, but it gives all the info they need.

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    Hi Kay,

    Your site looks nice. Nice and neat. Are you going to have a picture section? customers love that.

    If you don't mind a teeny tiny suggestion, I think your about us section says "Our team" to many times. Can you maybe think of some other ways to imply "our team"? Other then that I really like what you are trying to communicate


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      good start..

      just wondering why you wrote the same thing three times on the "about us" page?

      I would love to see some pictures of the inside of the salon, and a couple of your best grooms.

      sounds like you truly care about your customers.


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        Good start, but I would prominently on the front page your city and state.

        Also on your about us page,t he same paragraph repeats 3 times.


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          Looks nice to me too, hey, you sure are close to me , maybe someday I'll come down that way and see you!!! I live in Goshen..


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            Ditto on the 3 same paragraphs on “about us” section.

            Also, you have your address, which should be on the first page, printed with the smallest font of your site, I would bump it up to almost your largest font. Capitalize the first letter of your town, and the "s" in the word street. Also, your phone number should have your area code included. I would think that a picture of at least one dog or cat is in order, after all, you are selling retail and grooming for those two critters. The picture of your front door would be okay if it was a secondary picture on your second page, you need a great dog picture nicely groomed to show off your skills on the Home page.

            Happy 101 Website Building

            Dolly’s Barking Bubbles, LLC


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              Thanks for the proof reading, I didn't realize that the paragraph was repeating itself, I must of hit enter to many times. I am going to put pictures on. This is my first attemp to do a web, so I am not real good at it, but I'll keep working with it to make it look better. I am glad its up and its only $ 5.00 a month, now thats cheap advertising.


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                on about us page youthe is together, no space.. also pics people love pics!