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crazy last two weeks!

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  • crazy last two weeks!

    Just wanted to say HEY! I haven't been on here for what feels like forever. The hollidays were of course crazy. For a gift this year I printed off single page callenders 11x17 with my business name on the bottom, and left room at the top for a photo. We then took digital photos of the dogs, used an instant printer to print them off, and the owners got a callender with their freshly groomed dogs on it.

    Christmas went well... went to my parents place. We discussed the future, and decided to work towards being more self sustainable. We are going to get geothermal energy, or a windmill (eventually), grow our own fruits and veggies. I'm going to learn to can, and compost. And my husband is going to start fishing. We are trying to be greener and greener. We buy used or locally made now, whenever possible, and we support local business, and I always bring my own coffee mug and bags! hehe

    MY PUPPIES WERE BORN! 9 parti-factored standard poodles were born on December 29th. They are all black, and some of course have white chests/toes/chins. 5 males 4 females. They are all doing great. We can't wait until their little eyes start opening. I removed all dewclaws, but I only docked 4 tails... I figure this gives potential buyers an option, as many pet people are looking for full tails. You can keep updated on my website

    I sold my business. I just work there now. I'm quite happy about that. It'l give me more time with my kids... Eventually I am going to work from home. We're just deciding if we want to stay here or buy a new house, or move to my home-town.

    I'm hoping I can spend a bit more time on here for a little while, as I miss everyone. The puppies are big enough now where I don't have to rotate them every 2 hours, and monitor food intake as much, but they aren't big enough where they need mental stimulation and space... and my husband is layed off, until february. so I should have a couple of weeks with some spare time. hehe.

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    here's some pics.

    the pics are of the pups at 5 days old
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      Originally posted by Poodlestar View Post
      the pics are of the pups at 5 days old