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    Well, I was thinking as I was driving my daughter home from school about wanting to do something different as a promotional item to give to clients. As she was complaining about the sun being in her eyes it came to me. How about a car sunvisor with my name and info on it to give to clients come this spring/summer when people will be out traveling and needing to help keep their cars cooler? I haven't seen anything like this on any of the sites I've looked at that sell other promotional items like pens, key chains, calendars, caps, etc. Has anyone ever seen anywhere I could get something like this? I'm thinking that if my clients use them then wherever they are parked I'll get some advertising. May be a better idea for groomers in the sunnier states, but I can take a shot at it
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    What a cool idea! (Excuse the pun) You should talk to Adele at, she may be able to get some.