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  • CPR for people-OT

    I had a doctors appointment yesterday and they have a TV in there with those prerecorded medical shows. You know, usually with Dr Gupta sharing new info or advice. What I watched yesterday was new to me so I thought I would share. Dr Gupta was saying that they no longer recommend stopping chest compressions to do the rescue breathing when doing CPR. Just to continue chest compressions the entire time. He said you have 12 minutes worth of oxegenated blood in your body and it is better to keep it flowing than to stop and try to breathe into the person for them. When I asked my husband who had just taken an updated CPR class he told me he learned the same thing. Heaven forbid any of us need to know this, but should we I thought it would be good to share what is supposed to be the best technique for the best chance of survival.
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    I used to be the a CPR trainer in the Air Force. I also performed CPR on my father-in-law recently (but unfortunately he was already gone). Everyone needs to take a CPR course.
    Write it down in you 'to-do' list. Because sometime in your life you may be very glad you did.


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      Sorry about your fil, we should know both cpr's, I have only taken the pet.
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        I haven't be re-certified in a while and that's all new to me. I guess I better go for a class. Thanks
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          Yep, I recently re-certified too. It also part of the difference between adults and childern. If you are working on a child DO check airway as most commonly they arrest secondary to respitatory blocking(choking, drowning). Where as most adults you are dealing with cardiac arrest.