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    The male standard I rescued 2 months ago is now ready for a clip. (He was thin and had a bad clip) The lady I co-own him with wants a really manly clip on him and I am grooming him today! What is the most manly poodle clip for a 70 lb standard??? His coat is only about 1 1/2-2" long so any suggestions will be great!!!! I will post pics tonight!!


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    I'm boring and would just do a lamb clip with maybe a ss A body and scissor up the legs....
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      German clip of course!


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        I think the "german clip" is nice and manly..


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          What does a dog do on it's day off?


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            pictures of Billy

            so I did a MODIFIED german clip (more of a pet trim I guess) and I think I like it. His foster mom really wanted a shorter head and legs. This will be much easier to deal with. I got him 2 months ago and we weighed 53 lbs and now he is up to about 67. I would still like a little more weight on him, but we are working on it. The stains on his elbows and back-end should grow out - he was in a crate for the first year of his life and developed staf infections from sitting in his urine. He is very insecure, and has a bad mouthiness problem with his foster mom, but otherwise we love him. His name is Billy, but we are looking for a more fitting name for him.
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              He looks really nice! I was going to suggest something just like you did...but when I saw you posted this am, figured it was too late.
              I have a brown male I groom for a client in a very similar fashion.
              She wants "manly", so a modified German, w/ 4Skip on ears, short scissored tail, and a TK that is a tad bit more boxed than round.

              I like the longer length you left on the legs...he looks good.
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                what you don't think this is manly? lol

                Btw he looks very nice.
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                  I used to do an airedale trim on a standard poodle once. Sorry no pictures, but it looked great on him. The owners love the poodle personality, not so much the typical frufru poodle cuts. Sorry no pics, that was before I was taking any on a regular basis. That was also my one local celebrity dog!
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                    here's my boy

                    One picture is an older picture, and one is of him when he gets scuffyer. I now flatten the top of the head a bit... gives him a tall crew cut sort of a look.
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