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Stupid question about dog grooming schools and finanical options

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  • Stupid question about dog grooming schools and finanical options

    I am trying to figure out a way to pay for grooming school since I am now laid off. I really do not want to do an online program I need hands on. I have a school 30-45 mins from me but they are costly. They are good but $$. if I am lucky enough to get a Pell grant I guess they do not fall in that guide line. I want to open my own at home shop so if I go through SCORE and get me business financed can they include education cost in start up? I have most of my business plan done just need to do the financial side of it. Or any other ideas. I am 47 and this is my dream job so its like now or never. My other thought is my oldest daughter has a love for animals and no real advance education (she 24) if I can get certified then maybe I can guide her in this direction if its what she really wants and it works out for me. I cant work for min wage to go work in a salon to start learning this field. Any help or ideas are greatly welcomed. I live in NC and am considering looking at some of the schools in FL and MI since I have family in both states but that would be a long time to be away from my hubby and kids.

    For those of you younger and this is your dream save save save so you can persue your dream.

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    Lots of us groomers do a little teaching on the side. If your lucky you might even find someone to teach you for free just for the help. It isn't often anymore but sometimes people will do apprenticeships if they're really in need of an additional hand. You pretty much work for free in exchange for being taught. Even better is some of the training programs they have at the petsomethings. They can actually pay you minimum wage and train you at the same time. You work as a bather while they give you training. While I would recommend a licensed school or a one on one private teacher, I also get it that sometimes people just aren't able to do it that way for financial reasons. The petsomethings can give someone a chance to go to school without paying for it. Just be careful because you'll have to sign a contract saying you'll work exclusively for them for the next 2 years..That's the catch. Good Luck!!


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      Where are you in NC?? I attended Greenville Tech in Greenville SC, and the program does qualify for federal grants.