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difficult brussels to get in around eyes

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  • difficult brussels to get in around eyes

    does anyone have a trick for this brussels to keep his head still while i go in and do his eyes? he jerks his head from side to side and its nearly impossible. im talking specifically about the stop area. THANKS!

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    Might help, might not, but my griff hates it as well and I have decided to pull it. She tolerates the plucking with tweezers more than clippers or thinners. I only do the corners of the eyes and in between the eyes. If you have not tried thinners yet try them first.
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      I'd love to see some responses to this thread also. I have one Brussels like this and it is extremely difficult to get into the stop area with all that bobbing. Love to hear some ideas.
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        I always use thinning shears in this area ,I hold the beard firmly and just work slowly with the shears.petting the dog gently between the eyes with your fingertips talking nice ( not squeaky)but a low key calming tone.once the dog settles go in with the shears and try snipping the hairs slowly.repeat the calming petting as many times as needed until the dog feels comfortable letting you thin out those hairs. I may even have to go back and forth 20 times(pet ,snip, pet, snip etc) before I get the job done to my satisfaction but I normally get it done. I also use this technique for puppies if the dogs knows your stressing they will stress and fight you more.keep your cool calm demeanor and tone have patients(this is a must).they will eventually learn that its no a big deal