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Explaining bonding insurance to clients

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  • Explaining bonding insurance to clients

    Are mobile groomers bonded? If so how do you explain it to client's in a way that makes them feel comfortable letting you into their home?

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    I hope I am remembering this correctly, but when I asked my insurance agent about bonding she told me that is for employees to protect the employer and that as a sole proprietor without employees (at the time) I did not need that.
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      When a company says they are bonded, it means that all of their employees are insured. It shows your clients that you are trying to protect yourself from theft or damage to property. If you don't have any employees, you wouldn't be would just be insured. If you are looking to hire, you can ask on your application if the person has ever been bonded. You can't be bonded if you have a criminal background.