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So when can I get my hair cut?! OT

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  • So when can I get my hair cut?! OT

    This is mostly a gripe. I can't find any stylist and/or salon/spa to please me. And it's getting old. One issue I've had is stylists acting really pretentious. Vomit. I finally found a salon and stylist that was clean and friendly. I requested the same gal three times.

    My hair is fine but thick, straight with some body. I wasn't super happy with the technique she used. It was layered but really choppy, whatever that technique is called. The next time I asked her to try something different to give a more natural look to the layers. She, oh my god, busted out the thinners. Not at all the correct way to achieve the look! It's achieved by the angle of the cut. I'm not a human stylist but I've had layers for years. So, ok, the girl is newer graduate but obviously is trying hard and is very nice.

    The last time, I specifically asked for razor cut layers (I've gotten the same basic style with either shears or razor) She just says she knows what to do. There she goes again with those blunt, choppy layers finishing with thinners.

    To boot the products stunk to high heaven. Like a 80 year old french prostitute. I left the salon with a headache and re-washed my hair when I got home.

    I haven't had a cut since the spring, I got a Louise Brooks inspired 'do. Now it kinda looks like what I call "early 80's Eddie Money hair" or maybe a journey groupie from the same era.

    Why is it so hard to find a gifted stylist! Anyone? And a salon carrying products not tested on animals? I guess I'll take my own if I have to. Maybe I'll schedule an appointment with a local groomer. Get a hydromassage.

    Thanks for reading my gripe.

    P.S. what my hair looked like a month after the cut, LOL!
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    I don't know where you're at but I've found the most amazing stylist. She worked a long time at a swanky downtown salon, and then left because of the lack of freedom. She found the perfect place for herself at an alternative salon (they also offer piercing and tattoos). It's an alternative sort of place, where she gets to do fun stuff (and "normal" hair, which is what I have). She gives awesome cuts, and it's inexpensive.

    Makes me all the more appreciative of her. Don't know what I'd do if she left! Maybe you could look for a place like this in your area? They use nice smelling all-natural hemp shampoos.... the hippies!


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      I'm sorry you're going through that

      It took about 7 or 8 stylists before I found one that just understood what I wanted, and she's very friendly and professional. I looked up listings for professionally certified stylists and she was the one I liked best. She has invited me out for lunch before and we've even gone to a theme park or two together. I change my hair color constantly, and right now I'm growing my hair out after a really fun Pixie cut, so now I bore her silly!


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        One of the last times I got my hair cut the girl asked what I did

        .... me "Im a dog groomer"

        her "oh I'm not really a dog person" ..blah blah blah.. "do you have any dogs"

        me " yes I have 4"

        her "HOW MANY?"

        (awkward silence) After a few more times I just decided to grow my hair out.


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          I have not had a haircut since March myself because my stylist quit cutting hair and the other person I adored as a stylist is in prison on drug charges for 10 years......never said I like HIM just his way of styling hair!

          I cannot find anyone to do it the way I want it done. SO it's gonna grow out.

          I wonder if the sheer number of human stylists creates an abundence of mediocre stylists rather than the select great stylists....kinda like our industry??
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            What I don't get is, my hair cut isn't hard! Layered, side bangs, not even quite a halo of highlights. I'm naturally a blonde but brightens it up. Though I'm rethinking this as I don't know yet of a manufacturer of hair bleach that doesn't test on animals.

            Is this style that hard?
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              I trade with my stylist

              She actually does it in her home in a little room she is redoing. She thinks she is very good when she does it her way and not always a way I wanted. This past time I had her make it shorter but the does that texturizing thing I mhate that just makes my hair thin. I was turning twice with the medium curling iron, now it is just one turn but very thin from all that needless texturizing. I do her two yorkies and owe her for the mom dog. I actually charge $25 more for a full groom and pay extra for shampoo, etc. When she cut and colors she is the one who is more, so it works out I guess. She has no overhead like a mobile groomer. Her clients (and she has many) don't want to pay my grooming price! Then she sent me a funny email of a very badly done Yorkie. The owner of the Papa to her pup. Maybe they will try me next time. The ears were not trimmed at all, and it was a reeealy bad trim. It bugs me that I can't get my hair to look good half the time. I also mess it up with ear phones when I groom. Oh wellll, it isn't oily. LOL I don't look oily. BTW some people can't express themselves or don't know silky from oily. One client didn't like my Coat Handler conditioner and said it felt greasy. What? It is just soft and silky. I also want my hair lighter in front and she refuses saying it would make me look older and look gray. I don't agree. At the same time, I wish people would let me trim a dog the way I know would look best. We creative ones, just want to do our thing. Sorry you can't find a good stylist. Photos never work. We all have different faces and hair types.


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                So do you think that hair stylists have a forum like petgroomer? I can just hear it now, "She wants her hair to look like Jennifer Anniston, when really her hair is like Phyllis Dillars!!!" LOL


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                  They may not have exactly what you are looking for, but I have yet to have had any issue with JCPenny hairdressers anywhere (that is over 5 states by now)


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                    Hair color

                    For anyone interested in cruelty-free living, it appears Paul Mitchell does not do any animal testing. I'll have to look into it further regarding their hair color products but PETA backs them. (PETA does have it's good aspects but I am a carnivore - free range meat of course) Anyway that would be super. There's a new upscale salon I've heard great things about and they use Paul Mitchell. I don't know much about the products but apparently the company takes an aggressive stance against animal testing. Here, here!
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                      For years when my kids were growing up my idea of a haircut for myself was sitting on a bar stool and having my best friend trimming the ends of my hair using the top of my jeans as a ruler! LOL My four girls however all got their hair professionally done. My number three daughter is really into style and she hooked me up with her friend at an alternative sort of salon as well. When I first met the guy, he had leopard print dyed into his own hair. He is a good stylist though and does a great job on the three girls I still have left at home. If it wasn't for my kids, I think I would still be sitting on that bar stool and handing them the scissors.


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                        I have a problem w/ this too! I currently like the girl who cuts my hair, she does a fantastic job of coloring too! Super friendly, but not in an "oily" (lol) way. But last time I wanted a body perm, just to give some lift. She said she hardly ever gets to do perms, that should have been my sign right there. I don't know if it is what she did or if my hair is just different now that I am older, but I now have 1" long hairs sticking out of my hairline, right @ the top of my face, from where the perm burned/broke my hair off! I keep my hair pretty long, keeps my face from looking so round, so it will take about 2 more years to grow those little hairs out to the rest of my hair! I will probably still go to her as I probably will never get another perm because of the damage it did to my hair and I am too happy w/ her other work to try to find someone else. It just takes me a long time to find a good stylist. I don't like the ones that talk too much or try too hard to make conversation. I really hate the ones that spend the entire time trying to sell me some product. Offer one, then drop it when I say no! And after all the personality stuff, they need to be able to listen to me about how I want my own hair.
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                          I have had a few very good ahir stylists over the last few years but every time I find a good one they move! I just recently got my hair cut after over a year of growing it out from a very short cut and I found this girl because my daughter was getting her hair cut. She did as I asked, didn't nag about colouring as soon as I told her No it was a family trait and I didnt want to colour she backed off. Which is nice. my only issue was she put too many layers at my ear level so it tends to fall into my face while working but I'll just tell her next time not to trim them as much..hopefully I found one that sint moving!


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                            One of my clients does my haircuts now.

                            I got thick full hair and don't like to keep it short. But anyway I am 41 yrs old and this is the FIRST time I have had a hairdresser, barber or anyone know how to manage my hair so it grows out and down, not all curled up on itself. She is the first one I have been to that knew to use THINNING SHEARS!!!! All these years and not a one had figured it out. And I have been to every type of shop. Highend to normal. This stylist is WAY less expensive and does better work BY FAR! Just goes to prove, YOU DON'T ALWAYS get what you pay for in life. And she doesn't play the pretentious part either. One thing though, she ONLY and ENDLESSLY talks about her dogs while I am in the chair. Boooooring. And she has like 3, 4, 5 different dogs coming and going at all times. And I can't for the life of me remember which dog is named which name.


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                              scullys mom

                              i agree with ya with jcpenny!
                              i had gone to hair cuttery (2 diffrent ones) and no one seemed to be able to get my haircut right! one girl was fresh outta school and she got it the way i wanted it...and then disappeared! so finally my hubby suggested jcpenny....and wow ! its amazing! its exactually how i want it done! hopefully she dosnt leave on me LOL! i have no idea what id do then!