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  • Shop Hit By Car

    I knew this would happen some day and today was the elderly customer was confused and said she couldn't get her car in park and hit the front of my shop. Too bad she didn't run into my wall heater, I need a new one. This could have been real bad accident. Insurance man coming in the morning.

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    oh i feel for you. This happened to me several yrs ago. it was after hours thankfully ,because the car impacted fully into the shop (as in the whole car was inside my shop!) ,and we found bits of the furniture that sat right inside the front windows,in the back of the shop.It was a 15 year old messing with her BF car while waiting for a pizza order !
    It happened on the same night as i was moving house from the city way out to the country too! all my furniture was already on its way to the new house and i was camped in my old house with just a blanket and the phone.It was my very last night there! The call came in early hrs of the morning.
    i had to battle it out between 2 insurance companies (my contents & landlords building) for over 12 months! Thankfully the shopfront was rebulit in a few weeks ,and none of my equipment was damaged.i operated out of the back door for a couple of weeks .i was finding tiny slivers of glass in everything for months

    Good luck xx


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      so sorry! that sucks so bad! Hopefully it's not messing up your grooming too much. Has it been slow where you are?


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        That is awful! and in this bitter cold,hope the front was quickly boarded up until repairs are complete, and doesn't impact grooming to much.
        ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~


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          I really don't think it will ever happen to us but if it does it will be a doozy since there is a telephone pole directly in front of the shop!!


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            We have a telephone pole at the end of our driveway and several customers have backed up in to it!!
            I just glad this customer wasn't going fast when she hit the shop or there would have been more damage.
            No, it hasn't been slow lately, I'm booked out for 3 weeks right now as long as the snow don't get too deep and wipe me out. Not talking any new customers until at least March or April if even then.