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If everybody just listened to me!

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  • If everybody just listened to me!

    Just venting/feeling exasperated at some of my boss's business decisions. I love her, but sometimes I wonder what (if anything) she is thinking! Like how she spent tons of her (limited) retail startup money on xmas merchandise (which all got put up after the holiday) or having "private dog day care" (yes, the dogs are in separate suites so they don't get to play, and no, no one has paid for this "service"). I just keep my mouth shut and do my job Me (and the dogs) are treated decent, and I appreciate that.

    How many of you started you own business cause you thought/knew you could do it better? I was venting to my other boss (have two part-time jobs) and that was why she started her (now 20 years strong) shop. Just keep finding myself saying "if I had a shop...." I'm in school and while I love dogs/grooming, I don't know that this is what I want to do full time (will always be involved with training/showing dogs in some aspect). I don't think I even want the responsibility of owning my own business or having employees.

    Just curious how you ended up with your own businesses, if you have employees, how you got there, etc.

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    That is why I have my own home-based shop. Just me, and my young daughter does bathing and drying when she is not in school. I was grooming for someone else and hated it! I knew that if I could set my own prices and make my own rules (only do small dogs) and had the right to refuse mean, nasty, matted to the bone dogs, I could enjoy grooming. And I was right, I love my job now that I am self-employed. In my eighth year of business now.
    Lisa VanVleet, RVT


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      I think it always come down to feeling appreciated. I did not feel appreciated at my previous places of employment. Whether it's safety, pay, hours, micro-managing, method of grooming, it really comes down to being appreciated for what you do for the business. If you're not being appreciated in some way or form, you just go strike out on your own because no one can appreciate you better than you.