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  • Sharing a before and after

    I am a beginer so I am not perfect yet. Be kind!

    This poodle was really super matted but I tried to be creative with it and thought I would share. I did this girl a little while ago but never got a good picture up.
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    She looks so cute!


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      You did a good job of gettin the mats off and that is def a creative style!!!


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        Thanks daisy! I know it's not even close to the best job in the world, but I do try really hard. This dog was not standing up at all I had to put the lead under her belly.

        Anyway thanks for the good comment, I was scared to look ;-P

        Any tips from anyone are welcome, good or bad! I won't be offended I love to learn everything I can.


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          Nice try

          Oh, too bad those legs were so matted. Ugh, I always hate that, I think dogs with scalped legs and fuzzy bodies look kind of like caterpillers with legs, lol. But you did great on the hair you could save and she looks like she's kind of fashionable. Good job.


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            I really like what you did with her. For future reference, in school when we did clean face, we also trimmed the base of the ears a little to give them definition and separation from the topknot. In this case, her headpiece matches the body work, imo. Very cute. She looks like she is wearing a winter coat and hat


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              Thanks everyone! You all make a "Newbie" feel great! I am so glad I found this board! woo!