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is it bad to file for unemployment?

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  • is it bad to file for unemployment?

    I was recently let go for financial reasons, and I am wondering if I will burn bridges by filing for unemployment. My former boss is such a sweetheart I would hate to hurt her in any way. Have any of you had an employee file? Did it make you mad or hurt your business? Were you less likely to give her/him a recommendation?
    In hiring, were you less likely to hire someone if you found out they had claimed in the past?
    On the unemployment website it said you should file your first week after being let go... would it be better to gamble that I will find a job soon or to go ahead in case I don't? I have enough behind me to make it for a while but it would be a whole lot easier if I had some income coming in.

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    File away. It doesn't affect your ex boss in any way. Here in Calif, the employer paids Unemployment Insurance as a payroll tax. The percentage is set by the state and is the same for all employers in the state. I'm sure that it is the same in Mass.

    Your ex boss will be notified that you filed just in case you quit or were dismissed for other reasons that would affect your ability to collect unemployment.

    I wouldn't worry, you are entitled to collect unemployment if you were laid off.



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      What do you think unemployment is for? Seriously? Unemployment is to help tide you over when you've lost your job until you can find another one. It's something you're entitled to receive if your unemployed.

      I've been laid off from other jobs in the past. Not only was my employer not upset, he had the paperwork for me to start my claim, and strongly encouraged me not to wait even a day. He also encouraged me to file for food stamps until I returned to work (I had 2 kids to feed), saying I'd been paying for them all these years, so it's time to get something for my money.

      If your former employer is upset, insulted, or whatever, they aren't as sweet as you think they are.

      And seriously, why wouldn't you hire someone who's received unemployment in the past? It's not like they just walked off the job. For one reason or another they lost their job. If they received the unemployment, they didn't do anything wrong.

      On the other hand, if they'd applied and been denied..... well, I don't know. I guess I'd want to know why they didn't qualify. If it was something like theft or insubordination, then I wouldn't hire them. But I don't think you can get that information unless they were arrested, convicted, and have a criminal record as a result.
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          I pay unemployment tax on all my employees for that reason. Its part of having an employee. My old boss let me go when I told her I was opening my new business and threaten not pay pay my unemployment. I really didn't care I just went back to my Bartending/Waitress job I had in the past. It also just depends on how much you were paid. You only get about a third of what you earned that year. Is it worth it after the taxes that will be taken out.
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            File away it will not hurt a good employers feelings.
            Never gonna know if you never even try


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              File away. That money has been put in for YOU. The only reason your employer would be upset is if she had not paid into the pot. Then, shame on her.
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                By all means file your unempolyment that is your right as an employee if you were laid off.. that is what it is for so that you have some income coming i while you look for work.


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                  Originally posted by foxfey View Post
                  By all means file your unempolyment that is your right as an employee if you were laid off.. that is what it is for so that you have some income coming i while you look for work.
                  ABSOLUTELY- sign up tomorrow! You will need to have some $$ coming in to cover your bills while you look for a new job, that is what uny-money is there for! Dont feel bad about applying for it either, you are entitled to receive it.... go sign up for any benefits that you can while you are unemployed and seeking a new job, it may take a little longer than you expect to get hired, so go apply for unemployment, food stamps, housing assistance, health benefits and anything else that you can qualify for to help you get by. Did you get a severance package to help you out with your health insurance and paycheck till your unemployment can get started?


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                    Thanks for the info.

                    Thanks all. I will file. I just wanted to be sure there would be no negative repercussions for my employer or on my ability to get a job in the future. As I am sure many of you know, stuff that isn't supposed to affect hiring/firing often can and does anyway.


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                      Just my 2cents....

                      As a business owner, in Alabama, if I have an employee that files, I DO have to pay in addition to what you have paid in. It will cost me (the business) an additional $2500-3000.00. That's why business fight it. If I had an applicant that said she had filed, I would want to know why she filed and if it was a ligitimate claim before a decision to hire was made. I hate to add the negative side, but talk to an lawyer about it you have questions.


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                        Originally posted by TawnyKitty View Post
                        You only get about a third of what you earned that year. Is it worth it after the taxes that will be taken out. :-(
                        That depends on what state you live in and how many dependents you have. When my kids were young I got almost 3/4 of my income. And food stamps!

                        Is it worth it? Well, if you paid into it, why would you think it's not worth it to get some of your money back? And considering how much effort it really doesn't take... I don't know why you'd even ask. It's money. Money you won't be able to spend if you don't apply.


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                          It does cost your employer more money if you file. Basically your employer pays into a unempoyment fund and if an employee is paid benefits that fund gets depleted and the employers unemployment percentage they pay in increases to make up the difference. At least thats how if worked when I was a business owner in Calif. That said you were terminated for reasons beyond your control and you have every right to file for unemployment. Your employer has no right to hold a grudge. You gotta eat right?