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accidentally trained my new addition

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  • accidentally trained my new addition

    I recently adopted a bassenji mix (?) from the shelter for my 40th b-day back in Nov. So, yesterday I took my 4yr old son & "Gucci" to the doggie park & next door is a toddler playground. With Gucci on her lead i followed my son up to the slide & she hopped right into it & down she went !! I went down with her on my tummy in tow while holding the lead as an instinctual reaction. To my shock, she did great! Boy if anybody was video taping us....... I took her down the slide again in my lap, in my son's lap & by herself! I think i need to consider agility !

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    That's adorable!

    What an image. She sounds like she may be good at agility - fearless!


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      Bassenji"s are fearless and love to do that kind of stuff. I would get Gucci involved in aguilty.


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        How cute have fun at agility lol
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          People must have been laughing when they saw her going down by herself. She must have looked so cute!


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            Cool, I keep wanting to do agility with my little guy, but never have the time or the money. Last time I took Tater to the doggie park he was attacked and ended up with fleas, not going back! Too many owners sit on the benches chatting a way, and not keeping an eye on their dog.


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              Having had Basenjis, yes, very agile. When I was 10, I tied my cocker to the slide as I was playing. She followed me up as far as she could. After that, I untied her and encouraged her up. She loved it, and we went playing on the slides every chance we got. She would follow up behind me, I'd scoot over, and we'd go down together. Pixie also played the piano, and would ride my horse too!
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