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    or any place where wind chill dips below -20 degrees.
    What gloves do all of you wear and how do i get a pair that actually keep my fingers warm.
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    I don't leave the house when it drops below 2°F. lol

    I kid! I have some gloves from Columbia (jacket, snowpants type clothing line) and I put those heated handwarmers in my pockets.


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      Over the years what everyone told me was mittens were better then gloves. I tried many different types of gloves. If your out in those temps for any length of time longer then going to your car and back or the mail box, gloves do not the best job at keeping fingers warm.
      When I am out for any length of time, I wear my beaver mittens. My husband is part native and the Alaska natives up here sew beautiful mittens, parkas, mukluks, hats. My beaver mittens have beaver fur on one side and leather on the other. The inside is lined with polor fleece. They come up about 3 inches past my wrists. I have been out in -30-40 below (not for real long, I can't handle that much cold) for 30 min and my hands were as warm as could be.
      Below is a link to a local store which sells this type. Just to show you what they look like. They are spendy, but worth it to prevent frostbite.
      I don't know if you ever watch the Iditarod sled dog race on tv, but you can see the mushers have this type of mittens they wear. They may not have fur on them, but still, that type is very warm.
      Hope this helps.


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        I agree, you need mitts! Sheepskin mittens are good. Or mitts made for skiing - Gordini makes really good mitts.


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          hand warmers.

          I am not from Alaska but I am from Chicago and have Raynaud's Syndrome so I know a thing or two about keeping extremities warm. Sorry, but gloves will just not do it for you for long at that temp. It's a surface area thing. If you must wear gloves instead of mittens, put those small handwarmer packets in them. I put one in the palm of each hand and take the fingers out of the gloves and make a fist around the packet whenever possible. These packets are also great under your toes in the boots! I buy them in bulk at Costco.


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            Yup, mitts

            Gloves don't do it at that temp. I had sheepskin mitts which were unbelievably wonderful!!