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  • Such excitement

    Well, I haven't been on the board in a while because life has been spinning by in my world. We have decided to do a cable TV advertisement advertising our grooming salon (Southeast Michigan). No other shop in our area has ever done this and it is so exciting. It begins airing April 2nd. WOOHOO!!!!!
    And then we are expecting a litter anytime now. The best part of this litter is that it reflects the 20 yrs of my work in Standard Longhair Dachshunds. The dam of the litter is the great, great granddaughter of my very first SLH Dachshund. Thanks for letting me share. I am hoping that I will be on the board more often........but then the dog show season starts for us too so we will be "on the road again" soon.

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    Very exciting! Glad to hear everything is well with you, and that you've been missing for very good reasons. Good luck with the commercial. If you can get it on here, I'd love to see it as I"m sure others would too. Better hire some more people, I have a feeling you're going to need it!
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      Gemdach, what exciting news! The ad sounds like fun-any way we can see it on the 'net?? It's great to keep your line going. Up until 1981, all the cockers went back to mom and dad's first dog-born in the 40s! Cataracts put an end to it, sadly. By the way, was wondering if you ever found that pointer?? Sure have sent a lot of prayers your way.
      Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

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        Good to have you check in, and good luck with the pups. Mine have done well. Let us know what the ad pulls in, too and enjoy the dog show route. In So. Ca. we don't have seasons so dog shows go on and on.
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          Thanks for sharing in our excitement......been very excited here. Plus we just joined a business networking association in our area and it is great. We are putting on a business expo in May.
          I will see if the commercial is on the videographers website and if it is I will forward the info.
          Karla................thanks for your thoughts on the Pointer. Unfortunately she was found Monday (after 8 weeks) but she was not alive. She had apparently chased some ducks into a spring fed pond and got caught under the ice and could not get out.......only 1/2 mile from home. Very tore us all up. Thanks for your prayers....she is now crossed over and will never suffer again. <grin>


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            Meg, you did not tell me there were buns in the oven! And they're due any time now? Wonderful! I hope there's a C.K. Dexter Haven in the bunch, lol.

            Whizzy could use a little competition, and Oli could use a break, lol.


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              Congrats on your commercial; that sounds so exciting! Maybe we'll be able to see it on the net one day. And enjoy your dach babies. New puppies are the best. Sorry to hear about your pointer; I was praying for you guys for a better outcome. That's very sad. But at least you did find her. Nothing nmore agonizing than not knowing where your dog is( been there). She's probably chasing birds in heaven,lol.