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  • Thinking about closing up shop

    So I've been thinking. Well thinking after my husband made the suggestion.

    He brought it to my attention that I don't need to work. At all. That he makes enough money now to support the family and pay our mortgage and have money left over for fun stuff.

    I've been working my tooshie off grooming dogs. He suggested that I quit and focus more on stuff I want to do. Like quilting, baking, etc. Stuff I really love.

    I don't know if I want to give it up entirely though. I'm 30 years old and not quite ready to retire yet.

    Has anyone "mostly" quit grooming but kept some stuff going on the side? I've thought of only doing some housecall type grooming for some very special customers and cats.

    I am the ONLY person who grooms cats in our town. The vets will groom you cat here,and it ranges from $300-$400 and that does NOT include a bath (a very important part of my cat grooming process, I like them to be CLEAN).

    Now I make a pretty penny grooming. I do so well in fact, that I've raised rates and only work 3-4 days a week and then only 3-4 hours a day. And I make full time wages in upper middle class income.

    If you could retire at 30 and keep house and do what you wanted would you? My daughter is going to be 13 on Monday, so no little ones in the house to care for......

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    If you truly think you can retire, why not? I'm sure there are plenty of volunteer activities that you could do, or go back to school, etc.. Or, put all that money into a retirement account and then both of you can retire at 40!!

    Just make sure that there is a back-up plan in case your husband can no longer work, or something should happen to him.

    Maybe paranoia on my part, but I never rely on hubby for an income - it's always been 50/50. We've been married 35 years, but I've seen what has happened to others who relied on only one income.


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      Sounds wonderful

      but, can you then afford to take the occassional trip out of Juneau? I know how isolated some people can get down there and sometimes need to get out! Not that I have ever been there, maybe someday for a quick trip.
      I retired from Corrections (medically disabled from the job) in early 40's. (age guys, not the year) Then we moved to Willow with more property so my dogs don't bother anybody. I got pretty depressed the first couple years. I meen, really depressed, not getting out of bed but to throw the dogs some food and water for a few days at a time. I have no children, just my husbands kids who visit when hubby is home from his remote job. My friend offered me a bathing job at her grooming shop one day a week. I believe this saved my life.
      Since I show groomed Poms for years, she offered to teach me to groom other breeds and now I work for her 3-4 days a week. That is after I did my stint at grooming from my house. Which was great, but Willow is a tiny community of mostly low income people so I found it very slow the second winter.
      So for me, I don't HAVE to work, we could manage on his salary, but I NEED to work to keep my sanity. lol Specially in winter.
      Maybe you could cut down like you said, then see what happens. But then again, you might be just fine with your hubby and daughter right there!
      Good luck with your decision either way.


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        Don't do it. If ubby makes enough money to support the house and other expenses you should work and set yourself up with a fat retirement account.


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          And you just set up the new salon...lolol. Why dont you just do cats from home, then no need to traipse out in the weather to do house call.


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            "Retirement" might sound enticing, but these days that could change down the road. At your age it isn't wise to pin the next fifty years of financial security on the doings and pay check of someone else because at some point that someone else may not be there for you.

            Keep working and bank it. You might need it some day.


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              I think it depends if you feel like you can give it all up and retire as I'm 62 and I can retire too if I want to but I feel I would miss it too much to stop, I want to groom just mornings 4 days a week. Don't know what you're home life is like but I'd be bored after a few months and NEED something to do. But grooming is something you can put aside and pickup later in life too.


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                Um, maybe I should move to Alaska? $300 to do a cat? A guy who wants me to stay home and not work? I might be able to get used to the snow after all......!!!!!


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                  Sounds like you can write your own ticket.
                  I wouldn't stop grooming if I had a million dollars in the bank. You're in a position to pick and choose, why not just do that?


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                    Per DH: Never rely on someone to do something for you that you are perfectly capable of doing for yourself. In other words, don't do it. He may not be there when you need that support so it would be best, in my opinion, to keep working. You are already set up nicely and do only work PT so what's the problem


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                      I have had this chance to retire 3 times over my 17 yrs of grooming and took each chance with pride woohoo retired? right .. well I became very bored very fast my longest bout of retirement was 7 months it was the longest 7 months of my life.I have been in the working world since I was 13 yrs old I am now 44.Maybe its just me but I'm no suzy home maker no matter how hard I try being a working woman is less work IMO.before taking the final plunge consider cutting your days in half? you have worked hard to build your clientele to a comfortable living that have now it may not be as easy next time around.


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                        I wouldn't do it. If you truly dont have to work then cut down on the hours to a schedule you enjoy more, then divide what you make between a retirement and slush fund account. I think in these unsure times it would be foolhardy to give up a good income with layoffs, company closings ect. What if hubby loses his job, What if he has a major illness? (I Had cancer at 31) Who knows what life with throw at you. Also if something unexpected were to happen to husband, and nobody ever wants to consider those possibilities but they can happen, isnt it good to know you have a career and can take care of yourself? Sure you could start over if you had to, but it sure stinks having to start from scratch!

                        Just my opinion though.


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                          I'm 34 married and own my own shop. My husband makes enough money for the two of us. I could never imagine depending on him to pay everything. I like designer stuff along with dinners with my girlfriends. I could never rely on him to fork over the cash for me to live like that even though he lives like that. LOL clothes, dinners with friends. We have our own accounts along with a joint account I do have to say we have no kids and vacation at least twice a year. I agree with some of the other posts. Give it like 10 more years. Set financial goals for your yourself and your family. Then see if your ready at 40. I hope by the time I'm forty I'm the own sitting at the desk as the receptionist as everyone else is grooming!! Thats my goal!

                          Good luck with your decision it truely is a tough one. :-)


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                            I would be very careful before you take any drastic steps. I would also use 2010 as a "trial run" for the idea. You and the husband sit down and work out a written budget using only his income. Then the two of you spend this next year living (and playing) off of only his income. You continue to work on your part time schedule (3-4 hours a day, 3-4 days a week as you described) and put every single penny you make in a savings account. Go exclusive in your shop so that you are grooming what you want, when you want, and making darn good money at it. Don't touch the money you make, even for emergencies and see how things go.

                            If over the course of 2010 you and your husband still agree that this is working, living off his income only is what you want to do, etc, then close up shop. All this assuming his job is extremely stable and it isn't something he is going to lose. I'd also want to be sure that job isn't high risk. (I don't have any idea what he does.)

                            At the end of 2010, you can make an educated decision. You can then add your business money back into the family budget or quit. I also would be 100% out of debt before closing shop and have a nice savings, emergency fund, and retirement all set up.


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                              I feel that my life has such purpose by providing service to clients that really love me. They trust and respect me as a person and professional. I also spend tons of time and money on educating myself by the best in this business - and I feel so grateful for the knowledge and growth. I will never stop - just me. I also don't make a huge salary - however, that has always been secondary to the personal fulfillment