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    I worked for my employer for over 2 1/2 years. Starting the business with the owners who were not groomers/stylists themselves. and in that time we have been voted " best of" for our town. A honor which we appreciated. Well needless to say I am no longer working there so I have a couple of questions about how you would handle a couple of things since the split( which was on thurs).
    1st ? The web site for the business was designed and coded by me. Well recently they had someone add 2 little things to it. It is my coding and all but one of the images on it are ones that I took. I was never compensated for it.
    2nd thing I also designed the reminder cards and they have my name on them

    So could I send her a letter telling her to take them down or not use them any longer? Being as I was never paid for them? And the coding in the website says all rights etc belong to which is mine?
    Or would it just be spiteful?? I just do not think that they should benefit from something that i spent hours and hours on and was told I would be paid and never was. ( well was told to keep track of my hours but was never offered payment for)
    Also am thinking about advertising the fact that I have moved. I have decided that I will not say that formerly of etc. But would you think would be ok to say that I have been servicing ____ area for the previous 2plus years.

    Any ideals or help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance :d

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    If you just worked there and were an employee and nothing was written in a contract, I say your out of luck.........


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      Why are you no longer working there? You said they said to keep track of your hours working on the web site but never offered to pay you. Did you ask them to pay you? I don't know your situation but it just seems like sour grapes to complain about the web site now if you didn't pursue payment for it when you were employed by them. As far as the cards with your name on them I would think they would be willing to stop using them if your name is on them. I don't see any reason why you couldn't advertise you have moved. Seems like you could say you have been working in the area without naming your previous employer and they really couldn't be upset about it. Perhaps you could include a picture of yourself so your old customers would recognize you.


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        You can't look forward if you keep looking back.

        Forget it, toots. It isn't that important.


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          kinda figured that out last nite as I laid in bed and couldnt get to sleep. It really isnt worth it. And to tell the truth I am not a vindictive type person usually anyway. Also anything that needs to be dealt with, will be and from a higher power than myself . Thanks for the input