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    I thought I read that a revised From problems to profits was coming out, can't find it, partly cause i get bogged down reading everything else, boy I respect you who can find what you are looking for!

    Stephen: No revised copy until 2011, and actually it will be expanded, not revised in the sense other than where we talk prices they would be updated to more current pricing and examples. Our first priority this year is to completely finish the 4 remaining Grooming Business in a Box (r) modules, and that will happen. You are about to see a HUGE upgrade to this board, the buyer's guide and Groomer Pedia into publications as well as boards, and once that is done (talk about programming efforts!!!) the crew is on the Box full time year round this year. Downloadable all new and revised business forms taken from From Problems to Profits is just a few weeks away, all customizable on your computer with your art logos and other changes you can make.
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    I am waiting for this too--and I sure thought it was coming out soon for some weird reason, but--oh well,,I will just be all that more excited to get mine!
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