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Is Citrus harmful to dogs?

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  • Is Citrus harmful to dogs?

    My Pom got a tiny bit of lime yesterday and LOVED it! Now everytime I take a lime out of the fridge, he is whining and begging for it like it was a piece of bacon. My DH has given my Westie a small piece of tangerine and she begs for it too when she sees him eating one. Is citrus safe for dogs in small/moderate amounts?

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    My old pack of dogs used to beg for oranges; current borwhip I have to watch leaving the peels in the wastebasket; she will snitch one now and then; never heard of any harm from them.


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      citrus fruits are fine, but be careful of the peels. the oil found in the peels can cause vomiting.
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        Originally posted by workingchihuahua View Post
        citrus fruits are fine, but be careful of the peels. the oil found in the peels can cause vomiting.
        QFT. But don't throw the peels away - they make great cat repellent if you have issues with kitties using your garden as a litter box.
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          cat repelllant!

          I love it! There are soooo many "outside" kitties in my area that I think I am going to give the citrus peel a try !!


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            One of my dogs loves playing with lemons. She'll bite into it then throw it in the air. It's like a toy. All of my gang like tangerines. They play with it like a ball then tear it open and eat the inside. I've never had an issue. A tangerine is pretty small amount for a 60 lbs dog. I would suppose it might upset a sensitive stomach but it's not going to do permanent damage. Though, I could see a Lab swallowing a key lime whole.
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