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Bathing interview, what to expect?

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  • Bathing interview, what to expect?

    This is my first interview out of the office setting and I dont know what to expect! I took an online grooming course and am ready to step in the doors as a bather. What do I wear? What kind of questions should I expect? I go back for an observation on Monday, do they observe me or do I observe them and the job?

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    I would wear nice clothes. Not a three pice suit but not blue jeans and a tee shirt either. As far as opservation I would be prepared to jump in if they ask. They may have you follow them around but at some point they may ask you to say bath a dog as a way for them to evaluate you skills first hand. Good luck and I hope eveything works out for you.

    P.S. when they are observing them don't forget to observe them as well. They are looking to see if you are a fit for them and you need to consider if they are a fit for you.


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      Dress clean and neat, but not too dressy to handle goofy dogs that may jump all over you. I have had people show up to bather interviews dressed like they just rolled out of bed and it is an instant turn off. Jeans are even okay if they are clean and look nice. I always ask potential bathers to come in and observe us work for a day so that they can see just how physical and demanding this line of work is. Many of them don't show up again, or I can tell from their behavior that this will not work. You can also see if you are comfortable with the way that they handle the dogs and decide it this is the right place for you.

      Good luck,


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        LIke your going to work

        Look like you are going to work for the day.
        Look as pro as you can.
        You may well do some work, I did the first day at
        my first job.
        I wore, new dark blue jeans, a close to the neck new t shirt and a grooming smock. I would think a scrub in a nice dog print would be great.
        Light makeup, freshly done hair, and a very light perfume.
        If you have tatoos, or piercings this is not the place to show them off.
        Go in there dressed like you are dying to make a good impression,
        and you will. It tells your interview "I WANT THIS JOB"
        If she asks if you mind working a little overtime, or if you can come
        in on the weekends once in awhile. You say of course. (if you mean it).
        I don't think I have even not gotten a job I interviewed for.

        At the same time, you interview your potential future boss.
        Look around. Is the place in good repair? Is it clean? Does it smell clean?
        Do any other employees get introduced to you? (they should)
        Do they smile at you and say hello? Or look at you with dull tired eyes.
        She wants a good employee, and you want a boss that treats people
        with some respect. I hate to say it, but in this buisness thats a little
        rare sometimes. Best of luck to you. Let us know how it goes.


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          I just hired my first employee, so I'll tell you why I picked her, and what I asked her.

          She came right on time (I told her 3:30 or 3:45 cause I had another applicant at 3), she was there at 3:28 and had called cause she was lost (my shop is kind of out of the way), so she would've been really early. That means something to me.

          She wore nice pants, not jeans, nice shoes, not sneakers, a button down shirt, sweater and leather jacket.

          I asked her if she had ever worked with pets. Ever had a strenuous job? Ever worked as part of a team? Would she be able to stand all day if necessary? Did she like/respect animals? Was she a part of any animal type organizations, etc? What pets did she own? Why did she want to work at my salon? What goals did she have for the next year? 5 yrs? Allergic to pets? Afraid of any pets? Hours available? It's the usual interview, with a couple animal questions thrown in.

          I'm sure you'll do fine. Just be honest, be able to answer questions with more than one word answers. Look your interviewer in the eye, shake hands firmly. Be on time, and dress nicely, I say nicer than you would if you were working there.
          No Fur, No Paws, No Service.


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            It sounds like they want you to observe them. Be sure to speak up and ask what they want you to do. My daughter applied for a job a few years ago (nothing to do with grooming) and she was asked to come in and observe the next day. She went in and after a couple hours they told her she could go now. She later spoke to her friend that worked there and was told that they didn't want to hire her because she didn't wait on customers (it was a retail store). She didn't know what was expected of her and was too shy to ask. So speak up and ask what they would like you to do if they don't make it clear to you. Definitely go dressed clean and neat but not too fancy to actually work.


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              Thanks so much for your replies! It really helps to hear first hand from people in this same profession. These questions will give me something to think about tonight so I don't give a blank stare when answering them.

              Another thing I was thinking about, what is average pay?? I am a beginner so I don't expect top pay but what would you offer someone like me? So much to think about!!

              The great thing is I can talk about animals all day. My dogs are my kids and I shine when talking about them. I hope they see this!! It may sound silly but this would a dream come true for me. Working with! It will be hard work but I will enjoy every minute of it.

              A grooming smock sounds like fun! I would love to walk in with the "ready to work" look and get down and dirty. Where do I find one of those??? A scub store?

              Thanks for your input, I really appreciate it. You will probably be hearing a lot from me from now on


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                I personally wouldn't walk in ready to work, or in Jeans. There are some shops that might not mind that but some that totally will. Since you have no way to know the difference I wouldn't do it. I know our hosp manager looks at what people are wearing when they come interview. Even the bathers and jeans is a BIG nono as they are not even allowed to be worn by employees in the hosp. Never mind interviewees.

                I don't think a dress is necessary but Id at least wear nice dressed up clothing.

                The biggest thing *I* look for when I do my part of the interview is not experience but ENTHUSIAM! I want to hire someone who is excited to come work with me and who wants to be there. I can teach almost anyone if they truely want to learn.

                Ps. The money for bathers really sucks. but if its becoming a groomer you want, I dont think there is any better way to learn and shore up your skills. That is worth alot.


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                  and another thing...if you ARE asked to work...scrub scrub scrub that dog! make sure you get the feet clean too. i know my last boss was particuarly anal about that...gotta get those feet clean!
                  also i would look to see if the employee's are happy, are the DOGS happy being there? do they look stressed out or nervous or are they standing cooperativly on the table, relaxed and not really worried about whats going on? also is the shop noisy or relativly quiet and calm? are the employee's conversing with each other or do they each just concentrate on the job they are doing? wear nice clothing...but not something you'd be afraid will become permentantly ruined..i know one job interview i went for at a doggy daycare the office manager (just 2 yrs older than myself) said okay come in the back your hired. LOL! luckily i was wearing an animal shelter tshirt and nicer jeans as i had dogs jumping all over me.
                  good luck!