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Anal Gland Surgery Success stories?

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  • Anal Gland Surgery Success stories?

    I have a Rescue dog, a Chinese Crested Powder Puff. She is a Sweet dog, but since we got her,every 3 weeks or so, her anal glands have leaked and gotten impacted, etc.. When we bring her in to the vet, the stuff is like a thick, brown paste. The vet told me not to do it myself, so i don't, i bring her in, and they do it( i have NEVER done any dog's Anal glands), but recently the vet told me if i keep bringing her in that she might never be able to empty on her own. So we are supposed to be letting her deal with it, but today she leaked 3 times. once on my bed, once on the sofa, and once just out of the blue. All 3 times she was relaxing. We have had about enough of dealing with this and worrying about the discomfort she is in. I want to get her scheduled for surgery. i know the risks with this surgery, but Polly and i cannot live this way any more. I want to know if you have a dog who has had the surgery and healed alright with it.

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    Hi there

    I have a chihuahua that when I brought him home I had no idea about any mental or health issues that he turned out to have. One of them just happend to be Impacted anal glands!

    Not only did I have no idea this was going on ( He has really long fluffy hair ) but by the time I noticed his large bumps in the anal area it was to late. We went to the vet with his glands ozzing with blood and pus.

    He had the surgery and is fine, never gets like that again BUT we always every 6 months or so need to take him into the vet to get them cleared out. When they bother him he barks and snaps at this backside all day and night.

    This dog was not right in the head or the body when we got him, but I love him anyways and know that with me he is being treated the right way for the rest of his life.


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      Several of my clients have had the anal glands removed, and they have been fine.
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        I've never had a dog personally, but had a rather young Cocker, 5 yrs. old (client dog) and a Shih about 8 that had their anal glands removed and never had any problem post surgery. be honest, the Cocker moved away 2 yrs. later, and the Shih was re-homed after ~9 months, so I can't give you any longer term results.
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          I don't personally have experience, but a dog I groom has had it done and no more problems. He used to have the same thing, overactive anal glands, infections, so they just had them removed. I have heard it *can* cause incontinence, but Buddy has no problems w/ that.
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            My border collie mix had her anal glands removed when she was around 8 years.

            She had an gland rupture. After it healed, her vet put her on a schedule to have them internally expressed. The goal was to be able to go longer and longer between visits. We worked up to 6 monthes apart, but then she got another abscess. The vet said the surgery may be good option for her, but I was hesitant about putting her through it and the possible incontinence. So we started over with internal expression schedule. She made it back up to a 3 month interval before she ended up with another infection. One of the vet techs said it was becoming difficult to get her expressed. At that point I decided the surgery was the best option

            She did great with the surgery and had meds to help afterwards. She wasn't thrilled with me cleaning the area, but we got through it. No incontinence problems until now. But she's 15 now, and it's only once in a while when she's been sleeping for a long time.


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              My mini schnauzer cross had hers removed and has caused her no side effects


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                i have had several clients get the anal gland surgery. I have not seen a problem in a single one of them. Some of them are indeed happier. One is just carmudgeony, I don't think anything will help that girl. If your vet is up for it, I say do it. She'll be much more comfortable and you won't have to constantly be checking her over and getting them expressed. Good Luck whichever you decide


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                  Several client dogs have had them removed ,and none had incontinence until old age set in, last one was a tiny mini scn, she is a year out and much easier to groom,no longer screams when I touch her butt.
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                    My german shepherd had hers removed. She was leaking constantly and licking. This was 7yrs ago or so. They gave me the choice of regular surgery or laser surgery (which was less invasive but more $$). We opted for the laser. She healed up quickly and has never had another anal gland issue - she doen't have any glands to give her an issue!


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                      Ordinarily, I would never recommend the surgery

                      I had a young poodle whos' owner had the surgery and it was a long struggle od diarrhea and a lot of mess. But eventually it all got ok. the little red poodle never was an easy dog to groom. wiggly is a mild description. I eventually dropped the client. But if you have ruined furniture etc, it might be worth the trouble in the long run. It has to be expensive I bet. But I'd seek a second vet opinion too.


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                        Have you looked to other possible alternatives to the surgery like diet and such?

                        my coworkers cocker had her anal glands removed and did fine after it.

                        My mini poo was diagnosed with anal gland infection during her spay surgery four years ago. They opened them up, cleaned them and packed them with atbx. After this they have never been the same. IT is very thick brown paste with cottage cheese tecsture. BUT it doesn't bother her a bit, so I check them on regular basis and let them be.


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                          Surgery is good in this case

                          I really think many dogs need to have the anal sacs removed. Where I used to have my grooming salons in the 80's, we had dozens of clients' dogs that had been through this and did not have any problems.

                          Although there is somewhat of a trend now for vets to suspect that many dogs have problems with their anals because they have been emptied (yes, blaming the groomers), I totally disagree. The occurrence of rescued dogs that have not had decent homes or decent attention and that have anal sac problems is too high for this theory to be true.

                          Anal sac problems seem to be like most other physical things - they do not have one simple cause or answer. If your dog is leaking AND gets more wacky when the sacs are bugging him, I would think a priority would be to remove them.


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                            I have a client who has a husky that had them removed and no problems.


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                              Thanks everyone. That makes me feel so much better. i have to call the vet tomorrow and see what she says. if she says no, i'm going to look around and maybe talk to another vet. YES we have tried diet and other things. she has been on metamucil, then off it, and now she gets raw pumpkin. nothing is helping and this is happening every 3 weeks or more. it's a nightmare for her and for us. OH she is also an allergy dog, so she cannot have chicken, beef, corn wheat, etc.. so the Vet has approved her on Eagle Pack Holistic Sardine, Anchovy and Salmon, and the vet told me this is a great food, so we know it's not the food.