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  • what would you have done?????

    for the most part my costumers have been pretty cool,so last sat,i shaved down a persian i have done this cat 4 times already,hes very well behaved for the most part,anyways the last time the man brings in the cat,he tells me that hes glad he found me,no other groomers are accepting new cats,and i do a good job,its always a lion cut trim the mane a little,so i even let him drop off his cat early,and i asked do want what we always do lion cut trim the mane he said yes,i said he will be done in 3 hours he said take your time i said i dont like the pets to sit here that long,and im closing at 3:30 today he said ok we called him at 1:00 to tell him his cat was done,i had to call him again at 4:15,the wife answered very rudely,and said hes on his way,so hes already late picking up the cat,and says oh i wanted all the mane off,and do the feet too,which ive never done before,i was so pissed,that i kept my trap shut and just did it,and told him it was going to be more,because for 1 hes very late,even after i told him a was closing early,and 2 he made me redo his cat,i told him then thats an all over shave not a lion cut,he was ok for the price increase,he even tipped which he never does,i think he knew i was ticked and wanted to continue to bring his cat back in,but what should i have done in this situation,should i have told him bring your cat back another day im already closed,or what,i do like the cat,but the owner needs some training if you ask me,opinions please

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    What would you have done......

    I think you handled it perfectly correctly.



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      Next time charge $7.50 for every 15 minutes the client is late after closing! I have taken down my business hours sign, I do not sell supplies or take walk ins so, if you have an appt, you know what time to be here.BTW I also post a "We will close at 3pm today" sign, if I am closing early. Since there is no reason to stick around, WHEN WE'RE DONE, WE RUN!


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        I disagree, I would have told him that due to the fact that you told him you were closing at 3:30 and it was well past that time, that he would have to bring the cat back another day.

        If I have a client that causes me to close later than I planned when I told them what time I was closing; they no longer can have late afternoon appts, or Sat. appts, or whatever the situation was that they acted so disrespectfully toward me. I don't put up with those headaches, I just get rid of them. lol
        Lisa VanVleet, RVT


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          Re: what would you have done

          In my opinion you handled the situation admirably, with dignity and professionalism. Not that he deserved it. Good job. Maybe you could give my groomers some lessons!


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            I think you did right.

            It would have served him right to have to bring the cat back again for further trimming but then the por cat would have had to endur another trip. It sounds like from the tip he knows he screwed up and hopefully he recognizes he wont get away with something like that again- because you and I both know that he wont!


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              I think you handled it perfectly also. He knows that his wife screwed up and he tipped you for the inconvenience. Maybe she had told HIM new instructions before he brought the cat and you covered his you know what! He tipped once, he'll tip again because you were gracious about THEIR errors! It is such a drag to sit and wait for people to pick up animals! Sorry 'bout that.


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                I think you handled it the right way. It sounds to me like this guy is a good client, he just had a ooops day. I don't think I would want to get too ugly and loose him for a single mistake, especially since I like the cat. Hopefully you will get to keep dealing w/him and not his witchy

                I personally don't think shaving the cats mane off is a "regroom" anymore than if I trimmed more off of a dogs face after the owner came for pick up and found it still too long. Although I know that is irritating since he said do the same as usual and the snippy wife said different, he did tip you and paid extra (I think you said). Now if this gets to be habit that will be another thing all together. BTW, did you have the cat finished by the time he got there, or were you still finishing the mane and feet when he showed up?

                As I said, I think you handled this perfectly. They know you won't be walked over in the future yet you still kept a "good" (whether he really is good you will client.
                SheilaB from SC


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                  I think you handled it great also. For Me alot of times I will try to explain to the owners that to leave some hair like in a lion groom adds charactor to the animals personalities and "Oh look how cute fluffy is" ect...

                  He He He I like the tip about charging 7.50 for every 15 minuets a customer is late!!!! I guess when I make up my phamlets I should add all the the do's and dont's and how much they cost?


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                    This is one of the reasons why I would find it hard to go back to a shop. Clients just do not respect your time.

                    I surely would not have redone his cat. I would have politely sent him on his way and asked that he reschedule for the additional groom.


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                      I think you did just great. Hopefully he has learned to get the right instructions and has learned to pick up on time. Hope he didn't mess up your plans for that day.
                      "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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                        I think you should have called them 10 minutes after you closed and told them you would wait another 15 minutes but if they didn't come by then you would have to board the cat over night at your shop or at their vets and they would have to pay for the boarding. That is what many shops do. My old boss did this. And she was not a boarding facility. But on the other hand by doing this for the owner you probably kept your self a great full client instead of losing an angry one.


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                          You did good, but I think it's more of he said, she said which can be problematic. I've seen times when one of a couple is rude and a pain. I'll bet he liked the idea of a lion cut, but she wanted different. He probably felt bad that you had to put up with the change or wife for that matter. The lateness though is all on him even if he felt it was her fault.

                          I agree that is one of my favorite parts of mobile is not sitting around waiting for drop off or pick ups. I did that way too much when I had two different shops long ago. Charging extra would be good, but when you have some people with lots of money, they don't mind paying, so would still show up late. Hmmm wonder if anyone charges extra for late dropping off? I had the problem at the pet shop showing up at 8;00 AM and first customer mosying in at 9:00. Store though wouldn't ever charge or even allow reprimand for late pick-ups, they wouldn't want to aggreviate a customer, for then they might then not buy dog food or such at the store if they got angry.
                          Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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                            I like that Idea also of a late drop off charge! because I do allow 15 minuets leway for lateness traffice and all, I guess I could charge for 1/2 hr late charge?
                            I have had plenty of those,


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                              My late charge

                              I also have a late pick up policy. Its posted on the wall right in front of my customers faces and it is in big bold print.


                              I think and hour is quite reasonable and I always let it go the first time and point out the policy for future referrence and if it happens again, they get charged.

                              By the way, I think you handled it well. He obviously knows he was wrong since he tipped. Hopefully he wont do it to you again.