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    Ok I know poodles are 2nd on the intelligence's list, but I had no clue how accurate this statement was until now.Mojo will be 2 in July of this yr so at 1 1/2 yrs old he is truly like a toddler already when it comes to getting into things he wants.the dogs now have a special lock on the back door to the dog run because he has learned not only to open the door he learned how to unlock it as well. but he hasn't figured out how to close it behind him ... brrr .. lol.. Mojo is a very large standard poodle he has no problem reaching into the kitchen sink ,on the stove,counters etc,he sees food he steels food that simple,cakes, pies,uncooked cookie dough,the list goes on.well it started off funny but now its just a pain in the butt .He has developed a bread fetish,he loves bread,I have a 16 yr old son who forgets of course to put the bread away when hes finished with it Mojo goes right behind him and snatches the whole loaf bag and all rips the bag open and eats just the bread(leaving the bag as evidence ).ok so I bought a bread box case closed right? umm nope he now knows how to open the bread box and steel the loaf.I wanted to put the bread in the fridge but hubby hates cold bread says it makes it hard ..ok what ever.. so I place the bread high in the cupboards on the 2nd shelf problems solved right? umm nope again in the middle of the night last night I guess he got a craving for more bread managed to climb onto the counter top and open the cupboard doors and get the loaf off of the highest shelf carried it to the hallway and right outside my bedroom door.Hubby heard the sound of plastic being crumpled which woke him from his sleep and lo and behold mojo mowing down on yet another loaf of have heard of child proofing a house before but I never for the life of me though I would ever have to poodle proof my kitchen... lmao its funny how it always the bread he gets lol

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    I would love to see a hidden camera videom of him

    You can call him the Wonder dog. Wonder bread dog. Mail one off to FHV and win 10,000 dollars girl! Try the microwave. I put french bread in there. Or the oven? Mr Poodle hi IQ is gonna get fat. Have your checked you credit cards? Soon he'll be charging stuff or ordering from Home delivery groceries to pizza. LOL
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