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Andis QuietAire Pet Dryer?

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  • Andis QuietAire Pet Dryer?

    I mentioned at Thanksgiving, when asked to groom an aunts dog, that I didn't have a dryer. A well meaning aunt bought me this
    for Christmas.
    I haven't used it on anyone yet because

    A) It blows hot air. There's no cool setting. You can hold the trigger down for a blast of cool air but it stops when you release the trigger. I'm scared of using heat for any period of time. Does anyone use heat when drying?
    B) It doesn't have much power.

    I realize they wouldn't know I meant HV dryer but dont want to return their gift. I could easily see using it to finish drying a dog.
    Opinions on this dryer?
    Opinions on HV dryers?

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    I have used that dryer some time ago. I don't remember hating it. It is what it is. Like you said it's fine for finish/spot drying.

    I do use heat if I have it available for a dog on the table. That way I know if it's too hot, I'll feel it. Low heat of course, just warm. Some dryers get crazy hot.

    I'm not a HV snob. I prefer to sacrifice some power for a small HV with less noise. I have a little portable 1.17 HP Metro. I think it's a dandy.
    That Tenacious Terrier!