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Water Heater- Sometimes Hot water

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  • Water Heater- Sometimes Hot water

    I am new to this board and read many posts regarding to water heating issues. I have a used WNT Pro and have trouble keeping the water hot at all times for the past few weeks.... The propane is full (and I "bleed" some out). I closed and reopened the gas valve...I also pressed the 2 reset buttons and switched the on/off button from the outside of the van. And still the water heater light is on. I would hear the heater trying to ignite but would not fire.... Occasionally i get luke warm water but would not last more than few minutes.

    What else could be the problem? Could it be the pilot? If so where is it located? Someone mentioned that it may be the independent battery from the back. Is that possible? Im confused. Please advise.

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    Why don't you call Jamie at Wag'n Tails on Monday. I'm sure he'd be happy to help you out.


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      The problem could be a build up of mineral salts that are blocking the transfer of heat from the burner to the water inside.

      I had to have my home water heater replaced, and when they hauled it out it had almost a foot of scale on the bottom (we had incredibly hard water). Heat has a hard time passing through that to heat the water.


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        Check your thermocouple.
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