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  • Old Lab named "poopy"

    I had an old lab yesterday that made me crazy. He came in and pooped in the crate. So I walked him and he didn't go potty so I took him back inside. He was so old he couldn't stand in the tub. He kept falling over so I had to hold him up w/one hand as I tried to wash. It was brutal on my back. Then he pooped in the tub. Ugh. Had to clean the tub, recirc system, etc etc. Got everything cleaned and started to "rewash" and what does he do but poops again. I am getting crazy ... not to mention the smell. I finish washing, dry as I continue to hold him up because he is now falling off the table. I walk him again and put him in the crate ... what does he do but poops AGAIN. Now I am crazy.

    Ugh, what a day. The whole place smelled like pooped no matter how I cleaned. And my back is killing me. I usually love older dogs but this one put me over the edge.

    Then I had a new client tell me her I didn't fluff her poodle very well. I apologized and told her I was new and would work on it. Better get a video and see what I am doing wrong. The place I trained was mostly shave downs and baths -- even the poodles. Does the dryer make a difference?

    Anyway, I leave on vacation tomorrow. I need it. Everything my husband says to me seems to irritate me. I had to leave and go see a movie yesterday. It was wonderful.

    Whatever ... the bad day is over and I will think about it next week.

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    Sorry you had such a "******" day. (Sorry, I just couldnt help myself...)
    Seriously tho, I know what you mean about the constant poopers, it gets annoying and very tiring. As soon as you get them clean, there they go and poop again and usually step in it.. UGGG!!!

    Are you cage drying or hand drying your poodles? I was taught that any curly coated dog MUST be hand dried or the coat would not fluff out and look good and its soooo true. A hand dried dog, to me, always grooms out better than a cage dried one.


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      What a day, ugh !!! I feel for you with that old lab, some of the seniors have a really hard time being groomed. Dogs that do not visit you often seem to become very stressed by the whole process. Sounds like you handled it quite well. I hope your back is feeling better.

      Poodles definitely need to be fluff dryed. I know of some places that HV the water off then allow the dog to air dry a bit, then fluff dry, but this doesn't produce a nice full coay either. You really can't get around the need to hand dry the poodle (or bichon) coats. Maybe if the dog is shaved buck-naked (ears and tail, too) you might be able to get away with cage drying. Personally I hand dry all of my dogs, they just look better.

      Enjoy a few well deserved days off!



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        Yes, you need a new dryer---a force dryer. I wouldn't use anything less than 58,000 FPM (Feet per minute) airflow, such as the K9II or the AirForce Master Blaster. For a little guy you can just use one motor. Never let a dog with curly coat go home curly. Good for you for being honest with the client and telling her you were new.

        I don't kennel dry anything, even labs. Wait, did you say you were drying that lab on the table? Then you must have a forced dryer. You can straighten their hair better with a stand dryer, but it's not 100% necessary, you can do a nice job with a force dryer.

        I would buy Jodi Murphy's DVD's:

        "Before the groom; straight from the tub." She'll show you how to bathe and dry a curly coated dog properly.

        Also, since you're doing labs, my favorite DVD of Jodi's is the Deshedding; Theory and Techniques.

        Her DVD's are the best priced on the market, and right now (until Jan. 15th), you can buy 3 and get one free. They are easy to follow and understand, she makes it look like it's so easy, and she does explain things that do make it easy!

        Good luck to you!

        Tammy in Utah
        Groomers Helper Affiliate


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          Ok I get it

          On vacation and still had to read a few posts. The 20 yr old boys are on a video game after snow boarding all day (mine broke his collar bone the first day.. ugh), the 18 yr old girls are down stairs watching asian dramas (I butterflied one gals leg after slipping on the frozen pool she thought she could skate on) .... ahhhhh to be on vacation.

          Ok, so I did hv the poodle and moved it into a cage while I quickly washed another dog and put him aside and then brought her back to finish. I didn't think that short period of time would matter than much ... apparently it does. Oops.

          I do have a good number of JM videos but not the one from the tub ... so I will get it. Plus I just ordered two and didn't get third soooo... I have a metro on a stand, 2 settings, heat. I don't have a stand dryer but it sounds like I don't really need one???

          I do a fair number of labs which I do use my Grizzly to dry as the labradoodles where the owners want them curly. I will be more careful w/my fluffers.

          Thanks for the input. You guys are the greatest.


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            Sounds like you got some really good advice on the curly coats. I have something to add on the labs. I have quite a number of large elderly dogs that I do. Lots of goldens and labs and most have a hard time standing throughout the groom (bad legs or hips or obese) so I encourage them to lay. When the lay or sit in the tub I just wash all of one side and then do the other. Most of the time they'll lay on the table so I dry and groom one side then either roll them onto the other side or get them to stand and turn to the other side. They seem to be more comfortable and I don't completely break my back. I think most owners understand if everything isn't exactly perfect or a damp spot here or there on these old hard to stand guys. I also have a sling to hold them up if need be. Got it from Hanvey. Need to take care of your back. No advice on the pooping. Maybe we can invent the butt plug for those "special" pups.
            "In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog."


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              Sharpei Mom, I love you. A butt plug --- right on. I think you have the new million dollar idea. You go girl.

              Sling ... I will look into that one. I do want to save my back -- not a young spring chicken anymore. I purchased that foot on/off switch from Hanvey -- that was wonderful and they are a great company. Overnighted to me and filled the order that day ... who has customer service like that anymore.

              Also, I love the idea about letting the dogs lay down. Makes so much sense and I NEVER would have considered it. Why not.

              Thx ... wonderful tips.