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My New Year Change

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  • My New Year Change

    I figured I better explain here since I am sure to be bombarded with emails :-) I have decided to sell my grooming salon.

    Most of you know that I TRULY love being mobile and I love what Mobile does for the pet. This was a hard decision but mobile allows me more flexibility to travel and speak at Trade shows.

    I am still going to own my business but simply change my business format to only Mobile. Since my Mobiles do not compete with my salon I am confident that someone will be very happy with their new business as it turns a lovely profit and has a very low overhead.

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    I did that 2 years ago and love it.....good luck to you


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      Congrats is hard to make decisions to let go of something, but often it is the right decision! I agree so much with you about mobile, what it does for the pet and the groomer, and as I get older, it seems the right decision for me as well. I wish you much luck with your old/new business, and look forward to seeing you at the trade shows!!


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        I'd love to buy your salon. Can you pick it up and move it to Utah? Congrats, I'm sure you'll be happy with your decision.

        Tammy in Utah
        Groomers Helper Affiliate


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          Good for you Kristen! You are working smarter, not harder... When do I pick up the keys to my new salon?


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            Man, I wish I lived closer,,,you'd already have a buyer!
            Good luck to you, Gracey--I KNOW you will do just great!
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