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  • New Year Blue Moon

    Tonight is a Blue Moon- (as the saying goes- Once in a Blue Moon) A Blue Moon is the second full moon in a month- the next Blue moon on a New Year will be 2028. At midnight it will be at it's zenith wherever you are. Hope you have someone to share it with. Even if you don't and you go outside to look at it- you will know I am looking at it too.
    Happy New Year

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    ..not only that, it is a very special blue moon because it is accompanied by an eclipse, which I read has not occurred in the last five to six decades!

    This was taken from an article:

    Lunar eclipse occurs only on a full moon day. “The full moon has to happen on the first or the second day of the month and the month must be of 31 days for such an event to occur. It has perfectly matched this month and hence the rarity,”

    How amazing a night.

    Happy New Year!
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      Enjoy the blue moon,and a better year,sorry you hada rough last year end. The first blue moon when I was a child, I was so excited! Then sooooooo disapointed,My parents laughed themselves silly, I kept crying, because it wasn't BLUE ! Happy New Year.
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        I asked my mother to be sure to wake me up

        to see an eclipse once when I was a child. The next day I was mad and asked why didn't you wake me up? She did, she showed it to me, but I didn't remember.