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  • Please tell me there are others out there

    that have just had it with their dogs.
    Today if I had gotten rid of all my dogs I don't think it would have bother me one little bit!

    I let them in from outside, Lacey, the Std Poo, is just going crazy, jumping, mouthing me, running, you name it she is doing it.
    Toby, my Shih, is right behind her barking and growling at her and trying to put her into place. He thinks he is in charge.
    Soda, Border Collie mix is just trying to get in without being noticed.
    Pixie, Min Pin, is barking at every one, and I've noticed she is peeing on the carpet.
    Panda, Pom, is hiding in her crate barking at everyone.

    I've had it! If they all wanted to run away from home right now it would be fine with me.

    What's a mom to do???
    "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."

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    I surely understand how you feel. My issues are with my 3 cats. Some days....


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      Yeah I have days like that too.


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        I have kind of been feeling that same way about my 17 year old daughter!!!


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          Ya know, I have been feeling that way too! I took last Monday off. Just wanted to lounge and relax. The dogs were being beyond obnoxious. I just wanted to open the door, let em out and shut it behind them! Buh-By! I have NEVER felt that feeling before. I am so glad I am not alone! I love my dogs to death. A matter of fact my family thinks I love the dogs more than them most of the time. And on some days in my household they are right. But I couldn't take it Monday. It's gotta be groomers burnout or something! I don't know.
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            maybe a full moon???

            Today my giant schnauzer male picked up a water bucket (about a gallon of water in it) and carried it across the room and dumped it on the bed he shares with my others. Yep, didn't spill a drop across the floor, but dumped it right between the 2 sleeping standard poodles!!! They were soaked! They jumped up, all freaked out and barked. That part was funny, but now the bed is soaked and will take days to dry out!! UGGG!

            You know we love them, but geeez, seriously??? A gallon of water????

            In the morning, one of them will do something awfully cute and you will forget today!!! Good luck!


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              I don't have any kids, but I imagine that those with them sometimes feel the same way. We love 'em anyway!
              don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.


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                Originally posted by pugmug View Post
                I have kind of been feeling that same way about my 17 year old daughter!!!
                OMG, I was just thinking about that, but in my case, it's a 16 (going on 30) year old son!!! LOL

                Pixie, it's like that at my house EVERY evening when I come home. It settles down after a while, but it can get nerve wracking sometimes. Wouldn't want them to run away tho :'(


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                  Originally posted by pugmug View Post
                  I have kind of been feeling that same way about my 17 year old daughter!!!

                  At 17 she's at the tail end of the 5 year brain damaged stage. It won't last much longer

                  I have many days where I've had it with my dogs. (and had plenty of days where I had it with my daughters. It's amazing we all lived through the teenage years) Yesterday I came home from work STARVING. On the way home, I stopped at McDonalds and got me a Big Mac. I couldn't wait to dig in to that sucker, but I had to pee first. So I set my Big Mac on the counter and went to take care of business. You would think I would know better after 11 years, but my mind was on emptying my bladder. No sooner did I plop my butt down on the stool I heard that familiar sound. I screamed, "MACEY RAE!!!" but I knew it was to late. So the dog got a Big Mac for dinner and I settled for chicken noodle soup. Out of a can.


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                    i know just how you feel, in one week ive had the cats get outside (through the air vents....srsly) they ended up under the deck and took me 45 mins and two cans of cat food. Then my rottie has been chewing up everything in sight and im trying to potty train our new dobie puppy, lets just say its not going well because the bf doesnt believe they need to go out every other hour or so. But there are days where its all worth it.


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                      Thanks everyone. You guys have once again saved my dogs lives. LOL Plus it is snowing outside and I couldn't let them out and leave them....or could I'm just joking. I love them even if they are driving me driving.

                      I'm downstairs at the computer and you can hear them just running up and down the stairs! They want their mom and nobody least right now.

                      Oh, scrubapup, sorry but that is just toooo funny.

                      Right now my daughter has had a soft spot in her heart and is taking Lacey (Std Poo) for a walk in the house. She put a leash on her and is walking her in the house, up and down the stairs, around in the rooms. The dog has actually settled down! Healing, sitting and just being soooooo good.
                      "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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                        Happens on a daily basis here, lol. I love 'em, but sometimes I wish I only had 1 or 2 would be so much simpler! I have 2 old standards that won't be around much longer I am sure, so then I will be down to 3 dogs and 4 cats. I will miss them and feel bad when they go, but won't miss having that many dogs!


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                          Love my pup to death, almost to death the other day, went across the parking lot got dog food, came back,he had gotten a $90.00 book and....... ATE IT! took years to find this book for that price! Let him live,, this time. If anyone runs across The German Shepherd dog , by vonStephanitz really cheap, it will insure his life !!!
                          ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~


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                            New pup Lyric has decided in the past 10 days...that 2:30 the BEST time in the whole wide world for everyone and everything in the house to wake up and entertain her.

                            And...I can shut her outside in the snow. Builds character and thick coat.
                            I call it "Getting in Touch w/ Your Ancestors" go play with them ghosts.
                            Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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                              That is funny! I thought I was the only one who felt that way sometimes!

                              I have currently 5 toy poodle pups ( 3 getting spayed and placed soon ) and they are SO loud sometimes I wanna scream! And don't get me into the newspapers they shred into tiny bits like pirana's! UGH!