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Chiro anyone-so tired? (OT)

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  • Chiro anyone-so tired? (OT)

    I have started going to Chiro (so far so good). Anyhow, any of you adjustment veterans, do you normally get very sleepy?? I seriously feel like I have been almost sedated after both adjustments. Input of course would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Your body is doing quite a bit of Healing, so sleepy wouldn't surprise me, BUT, if you have not mentioned that to the doc, you really need to.

    My mom always hurts after her adjustments, I always feel really good (almost bouncy) so I think everyone does indeed react a bit different.


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      I love my chiropractors! I could actually fall asleep while mine adjust me. (except the part where they twist me into what i call the pretzel move) But I usually feel normal after. Usually a lot better.


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        I do not ever hurt after an adjustment, tho' I do sometimes feel tired. I think it may be due to the fact that you ar now aligned and not holding your body in a tense/ tight rigid state.
        Basically, you are really relaxed and feeling better.



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          I always feel like same old **** afterwards, for me, it takes a while, and sometimes it does not work at all. Sometimes, it just takes time, hate to say. I've been suffering with bad back and neck issues for 30 years. Sorry but everyone is different, and you may need to change doctors or regimines to know. I feel you and wish you good health!


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            I think I am more relaxed after an adjustment than sleepy. I always schedule my adjustments at the end of the workday so after I get my adjustment & then lay on the massaging table with the heat packs and tens unit, I can go home and take a nice warm bath. Yeah, sometimes I will nap in the is just so relaxing...


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              Sometimes I feel tired, sometimes I feel bouncy. I think it depends on who badly I'm out of alignment. And I also think it depends on where the problem is. I've noticed I'll be more tired if I go in with my lower back hurting than if it's my neck.

              If you've new to chiropractic, don't expect things to change overnight. It took years for your spine to get out of whack. Your muscles, tendons, and ligaments are used to holding you together in one position. When you start changing that, you may experience pain and fatigue. And even after the chiropractor adjusts you, your soft tissue is going to do it's darndest to move you back. Early on, adjustments don't hold very long. It takes time for your body to readjust itself.

              You might also find your having some unexpected responses. I remember having one such odd response. Years earlier I had an accident the damaged my right hand, and required a bit of surgery to put things right. When I started regular chiropractic care I started to notice that a day or two before it was time for another adjustment the scar on my hand started to itch. When I really started to pay attention, I realized that the itching was one way I could tell I needed to be adjusted.

              I thought my hand had healed up quite nicely. But I guess there was still some damage that needed to be dealt with. It took a year and a half before it stopped itching.


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                I get sleepy when I go but I have noticed that I get sleepy at the doctor and dentist too. Something about sitting in a waiting room, then moving to the tiny exam room staring at 4 walls with flourescent lighting makes me want to pass out cold and sleep on the floor, lol. My chiro also sends me in for a massage/reiki session afterwards in a dim room and sometimes has me wait in a fancy full-body massage chair - talk about feeling sleepy - that will do it. I refer to the massage chair as Fabio.


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                  I now only have a particular type of chiropractic work done. Its called Network Chiropractic and is much different that any other I've had (which is a considerable amount). I leave feeling energized and ready to face the world. No more snap, crackle, pop for me ever again!


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                    Well the last time I went didn’t make me quite as sleepy. I actually felt really good, it is amazing how bad I have felt and didn’t even realize it anymore. I don’t think I have felt this good in at least 7 years. Awesome!!!!