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  • new table!

    So,I finally got my table today!! I was sooooo excited!

    I think I may have got a bad one or Im just very dumb,and its a quick easy fix.

    Its hydaulic and I lifted it up as far as I thought it would go and it just stuck there. it will not come down. Im really upset about this. Any thoughts,ideas??? Thanks!

    By the way,this is my first ever "real table"!!!

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    I find sometimes there a bit stiff at first. Are you sure your pushing on the pedal and pushing down on the table at the same time? My DH says your pedel could be bad? Hope not. Good luck.


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      if it just has the foot petal pump to raise and lower it sometimes it helps to have a bit of weight on it to get it to lower. to raise pump it up to lower step on the petal to press it fully. the table should lower if the table swivels push the foot petal upwards this will lock it into position.I hope this helps.


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        Congats on your first real table! you do know you have to step on the lever? Did it come with instructions? sorry no more help.
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          Any chance it was cold? Hydraulics can have a tough time in the cold. But, it is possible that the table top just isn't heavy enough.


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            So,my dear wonderful hubby,came to pick me up at home when he got off work about 5:30,its now 8:30,and we just got home!

            He took the pump off and just readjusted it. It had got stuck. He kind of marked with a marker how high I could actually go up,before it would get stuck. the hole that the pump is in actually needs to be bigger.If that makes sense?!!

            It is all fine and working great now!! He also fixed a stand dryer that had a bad cord on it and could have easily caught fire!! He actually took the top off of a oster table dryer and switched the long hose part and wa law!!! New dryer!!!

            He is so resourseful,helpful, AMAZING, and I love him sooo much!!!

            Thank you all for the replies,as I was really sweating it,thinking that I had not had the table for but maybe 5 minutes,and it was broke!!! Whew!!!


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              Are'nt these jack of all trades, smart as heck DH's wonderful! Seriously would'nt know how to run my shop without mine!