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It's So Cold Today.....

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  • It's So Cold Today.....

    My Vista "Windows" are frosting up! It gets below freezing during the night even here in my state. I hope my water tank with it's many gallons of water won't freeze up on me. That has never happened to me yet. But it does take awhile to get enough warm water for the dogs' bath. I don't want to hear howeling of "OOOOH the waters' tooooo cooooold. Now where did I put the ceramic heater? Can I trust it to be safe plugged in overnight so close to the generator? Could It start a fire? I chose General topics instead of Mobile. But I hope some snow country mobiles will reply. No snow here; I'd have to drive North toward Flagstaff, where there is lots of snow. Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I need some hot chocolate.

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    I am not mobile,,but I wanted to mention that when I visited Arizona (we went for vacation and to visit the Dalai Lhama) it was some of the most beautiful and diverse landscape I had ever seen. I had been thru Arizona before but never stayed- and we took the time to really drive around and get out and WALK!! And the nights were one of the things I will never forget--beautiful sunsets, clear night sky with millions of stars, lots of wildlife rustling around, and so, soooo COLD!!! The difference between day and night was amazing! Love to revisit someday.
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