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    Hi Everyone,

    I need some feedback on January. I own my shop since September of this year and so far I can't complain, but since I have no January to compare to I was wondering if I should expect it to be slow and what's considered normal, I'm in Florida so I don't know if that makes a difference. I will be posting photos of my totally renovated shop it's absolutely beautiful, very functional and I keep it spotless, so stay tuned.

    Happy New Year !!!

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    Most, about 95%, of my clients have standing appts, so, while not the busiest month, I do pretty well in Jan. If you can get your clients pre-booked, you will have very little slack time IMO. You get a big plus for being in a warm climate too-it's 29 degrees here now. With a trace of snow.

    Stephen: And that's the reward for managing so many standing appointments is that January is a pretty good month potentially based on that factor. Of course weather extremes not included. Even in salons or shops with 80% or more standing appointment, it's a boon. Even in small shops to very large if you cannot get such standing appointments, that is why we used the Option B in From Problems to Profits which managed perfectly you get nearly same results as standing appointment but clients don't leave an appointment with the date set as yet. At one point we had approximately 1,500 standing appt clients (Option A) and 3,200 (Option B) clients and then 800 Option C (not enrolled in either A or B = random = they call when ready). Our receptionists or management always got at least 80% of new customers to enroll, but there is a discipline to it, takes training and motivation, but that's the reward. We were never slow outside of major storms or earthquakes in CA.
    Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

    Groom on!!!


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      January starts the busy snowbird season for me and Im in Largo.Typically we are slammed from now til May.


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        Establishing a business takes time and clients' confidence,the same.You are in a wonderful climate where people seem to love their pets,I say don't worry and keep doing what you've been used to.You say your shop is clean(and people LOVE that)'You can't compare in this economy cuz every day we have so many variables that cause us to watch our dollars.
        I'm going on 9 yrs in my shop and although I am doing very well,I never try to set a dollar standard for comparison,only pay the bills and keep everyone happy in my clean shop! By the way,I LOVE Donatello's on Del MayBray.The Best Italian Cusine!