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Reminded Of The Dangers Of The Chip Bag!

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  • Reminded Of The Dangers Of The Chip Bag!

    I received a Christmas update letter from my neice. They have three kids and a dog that is a lab/pit mix. They nearly lost the dog due to the potato chip bag he found and nearly smothered. She said his vet thought it funny and never saw a dog do that before. BUT WE KNOW it happens all too often, don't we! I told her I knew it happened here on this forum.

    So with all the festivities going on and chips on New Years Eve. I am reminding y'all now to be sure you know where the chip bags are.

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    Oogeeze ::takes notes::: god knows I don't need another freak accident!


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      Yep, I was one of the posters it happened to.

      My brother's pit lost her life this past September due to a chip bag in the trash. He ran out of the house to get a haircut. He was back home in 20 minutes. He didn't crate her, because he knew he'd only be gone for a few minutes, and that was all it took.

      I had nightmares after it happened. It was hard to picture this sweet loving dog having that happen to her. I still tear up thinking about it. It was awful.

      Definitely NOT funny.

      Thank you for posting the reminder. If it saves one life, it's worth it.


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        Again, like I said before, I ALWAYS open both ends of a chip bag when I throw it away. It only takes a split second.


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          Our former church pastor told of finding a kitten (while out jogging) on the side of the road struggling to get a small chip bag off of his head. Jeremy reached down and pulled it off the kitten's head. Kitten laid there for a moment (Jeremy thought maybe he was too late), then the kitten jumped up and ran away like a flash. Thank God Jeremy was passing by to save the kitten.
          Lisa VanVleet, RVT


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            I rememver SiberianLover's post. I think about it every time I put a bag in the trash and then I rip the botom open.


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              I never even thought of the possibility!! I don't eat chips personally, but my brother used to have them in his room constantly. He has moved out now, but lives with his gf and their pit. I just called him and read this thread. As I was reading I heard him crumbling a bag lol.


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                Yes, open the bag at both ends after eating the chips

                I was at costco today and a demo lady was sampling some chips. I told her my story and suggested she tell everyone when they buy the chips to be sure to open the ends if they have dogs or cats. She had never heard of this hazzard before.


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                  Cat/dog food bags, too!

                  My sister-in-law lost her young chocolate lab when he found a cat food bag - actually jumped up on a shelf to get it - got his head stuck in it, suffocated and died. They were devastated.